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Zigong residential window frequently beaten wear slingshot enthusiasts practice techniques (Figure) and ball slingshot search to police recently, Zigong (micro-blog) a number of bizarre events around the South Lake District, a sound of "bang!" sound, more than 10 residents of the home was hit the glass a small hole. ". On the morning of September 16th, such an event once again appeared in a residential area is being renovated, decoration workers immediately alarm. The police arrived at the scene after the carpet investigation of the area, finally found the behavior of Zhang, and from its home and found the number of all kinds of ball slingshot, more than 100 pounds. Zhang said he is playing with a slingshot slingshot enthusiasts, the glass in order to practice technology. The window glass is "bullet" involving more than one cell lake more than 10 households "my house is smashed over two pieces of glass." Home of shuianhaoting resident Ms. Chen said, in the beginning that the thought is a "bullet", a scare. It is reported that since the beginning of this year, Zigong Nanhu surrounding areas are the glass is hit "bullet holes" event, only a small golden mile Washington appeared three or four times. "This year, we have a similar incident occurred more than 10 times." South Lake police station police, several incidents occur in the near future, through on-site investigation, should not be a bullet, but were similar with slingshot items such as intentional damage. Because the incident did not control, no witnesses and other evidence, the police repeatedly visited the investigation but no progress, the case has long have not broken. Therefore, high-tech police attention, dispatched a task force to carry out investigation, and actively mobilize various forces, strengthen inspections around the area of the masses also visited efforts, a safe living environment. The man like slingshot for technical training he aimed at "we are still residents glass decorating the house, he heard the sound of several results of bang bang, is a stone on the kind of glass." 16 am, is the Milan spring area of the house after the king of the house to hear the sound of the king rushed to the balcony to see, I came out to see, they found a man from the opposite floor of a window shrink back." Already heard someone deliberately hit the glass event master Wang did not hesitate, quickly dialed 110 alarm. Under the guidance of Master Wang, the police immediately locked the house where the perpetrator. "When we go in the door, he was washing." According to police, the police rushed into the room after a simple search, the behavior of people in Zhang’s bedroom to find several slingshots and various types of more than 100 pounds of steel ball. In the face of evidence, Zhang admitted to the implementation of the illegal destruction of residential tenants windows glass facts. According to Zhang explained that he is a slingshot enthusiasts, since the second half of 2015, he purchased from the Internet to a slingshot and a ball, in order to practice it in the area of slingshot technology, often within and around the practice. On the basis of the law of the people’s Republic of China on Public Security Administration Punishment Law, the police have carried out an administrative penalty. Police tips, personal hobbies understandable, but to the loss of personal and property of others, will bear the corresponding legal responsibility. Lan Jiang Huaxi City Reader reporter (high-tech police Figure) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading class play the man in disguise相关的主题文章: