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Zhuo Wei Joe Chen Wu Lei and Tang Yan Zaibao Mengliao rumors love Zhuo Wei reported, October 26th, Zhuo Wei live on a platform to answer the many hot topics of concern to the masses eat melon, 52 star broke immediately become a major entertainment web site headlines, but many users still do. Yesterday (27) afternoon, Zhuo Wei again exposed Mengliao William Chan disclosure [micro-blog] Zhang Xinyu [micro-blog] Li Chen [micro-blog] Yang Yang [micro-blog] and other big secret. Question 1: Zhang Xinyu character how she and Li Chen break up in the end who is wrong? Zhuo Wei: for Zhang Xinyu and Li Chen, I think two people in a relationship from love to the heart breaking up is the responsibility of the two sides affirmed. According to the insiders broke the news, Zhang Xinyu and an actor dating Li Chen knows, Li Chen made a break, Li Chen said Zhang Xinyu is not the type of thing, so Zhang Xinyu readily agreed. Later, Zhang Xinyu regretted, two people on the composite. Since two people love is very high profile, after the compound is very low-key two. Later, Li Chen met his favorite object, Li Chen and Zhang Xinyu broke up again. As far as I know, Zhang Xinyu’s reputation in the circle is good. Question 2: Tang Yan [micro-blog] and Li Yifeng [micro-blog] together? Zhuo Wei: some time ago I slipped, point like Tang Yan and the two scandal of micro-blog, we think that the two together, but unfortunately, the two did not together, there is no time together. Some time ago, two people went to New York fashion week, we also went, although they took part in the activities, but not even eat a meal in private. Question 3: what’s going on with Hawick Lau [micro-blog] and [micro-blog]? Zhuo Wei: I answered this question, I wrote a poem "Liu Lang has hate Qingchuan far into a dream remnant butte". This poem is not difficult to understand, I think the truth will soon be revealed. Question 4: Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang together? Zhuo Wei: in August last year, Zheng Shuang and [micro-blog] date was photographed, love was exposed. Some time ago, Hu Yanbin went to Xiamen to visit Zheng Shuang, the first to be sure two people who are in a relationship, but relatively low-key processing this feeling. Later, Zheng Shuang’s father also confirmed that the two broke up. What is gratifying is the relationship between the two can be described as "goodbye is also a friend, a friend is breaking up". Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang collaborated on a play, and it was a good idea to be brought together. I think two people is not a good fit, with the possibility of them is very little. Question 5: Zhao Liying [micro-blog] and William Chan together? Zhuo Wei: Zhao Liying and William Chan has been rumored, insiders said I broke the news over the Zhao Liying is very popular for William Chan, William Chan on a very good impression, but said William Chan just put Zhao Liying as a friend, who is a pity, regret. Question 6: Zhang Jie [micro-blog] [] [micro-blog] why not children? Zhuo Wei: life is full of nine out of ten, not perfect in every respect. Sometimes the children are in need of good fortune, they are still young, there is a chance, they bless you. Question 7: Joe Chen [micro]相关的主题文章: