Zhengzhou four Park transformation towards national do not want to travel far to walk.-519697

Zhengzhou four Park transformation towards national do not want to travel far to walk. The park landscape wall shade – reporter Liu Yaowen map of the National Day vacation, you do not want to travel far, at the door of "mining" fresh place? To celebrate the holiday, concept of Zhengzhou City Green Plaza Management Center in the environmental protection and the sponge City, upgrading the four parks, the beauty of the garden is ready, just waiting for you to enjoy! Please come to enjoy Bamboo Culture Park Location: Wen Laolu and culture Road intersection 200 meters to the East Road Based on its location plum and bamboo culture, increase the exhibition hall and convenience service station, the exhibition hall for the public free of charge on Mei bamboo culture related painting, bonsai, provide a learning platform to enjoy love Mei bamboo culture friends. In order to fully display the quiet bamboo species and bamboo forest, in the southeast of the park is not porous soil, fourteen high specification bamboo variety Zizhu, create a piece of 3000 square meters of bamboo, bamboo in the erection of the boardwalk, with modern style pavilion nestled in which, as people traveling in the downtown nirvana. To the cultural park to see the fountain place: Agricultural Road and fair Road intersection reconstruction of pavement and pavement over 99% fountains, water permeable brick, deep water fountain from old to three level water fountains, shallow water, water flow, solve the security risks. In the south of the square of new European corridor, become a good place for casual fans. Beautiful place shade: shade park to enjoy the Dongfeng Road and road intersection of dawn Road, toilets, water, lighting and other systems are reformed from the original echo wall into flower corridor has become a new boutique park landscape, the newly opened flower garden under the wide field there are hundreds of square meters in a large, cedar, ginkgo forest, tree lined densely, for visitors close to nature. Nautical park to appreciate the culture of the Central Plains location: Navigation Road and road intersection is the future Metro Line 5 occupied part, but for the convenience of tourists, sailing in the South Park built a new Chinese style south entrance, white walls and red – cap lattice window, the performance of the original nature, the South also increased at the peak and pine corridor cultural style signs. (Dahe Daily)

郑州四家公园改造迎国庆 不想出远门去遛遛吧  绿荫公园景墙  □记者刘瑶文图  国庆长假来了,不想出远门的您,在家门口“挖掘”点新鲜去处可好?为迎长假,郑州市绿文广场管理中心在环保和海绵城市的理念基础上,升级改造了四家公园,园林美景准备好,就等您来赏!  文化公园请您来赏竹  地点:文劳路与文化路交叉口向东200米路南  基于其梅竹文化的定位,增加了展厅和便民服务站,展厅为市民免费展出有关梅竹文化有关的书画、盆景等,为喜爱梅竹文化的朋友提供一个静赏的学习交流平台。为了充分展示竹子的品种和竹林的静谧,在公园东南部不渗水土壤上,引种紫竹等十四个高规格竹子品种,打造了一片3000平方米的竹林,竹林内架设木栈道,具有现代风格的亭子掩映其中,成为市民闹市寻幽的佳境。  到文博公园看喷泉  地点:农业路与文博东路交叉口  改造地面铺装和喷泉,地面铺装99%以上为透水砖,喷泉由老式较深水面改为三级叠水喷泉,水较浅,叠水常流,解决了安全隐患。广场南边新增的欧式廊架,成为戏迷休闲的好去处。  绿荫公园感受绿荫之美  地点:东风路与天明路交叉口  对园路、厕所、上下水、照明等系统均进行了改造,由原有的回音壁改造成的花廊廊架已成为公园新的精品景观,新开辟的春花苑林下广场有近百平方米,处于大型雪松、银杏林下,林荫浓密,利于游人亲近自然。  航海公园欣赏中原文化  地点:航海路与未来路交叉口  虽然被地铁5号线工程占用了一部分,但为方便游客,航海公园在南部新修了中式风格的南入口,白墙灰顶红格窗,自然地表现了中原文化,南部还增加了多处凌霄廊架及青松文化风格的标牌。(大河报)相关的主题文章: