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Zhangzhou eat seafood crab arbor hand was a room that was admitted to the intensive clamp next to the old Soviet skin graft surgery 55 year old Su, who lives in Longhai Haicheng Town, who love eat seafood, a friend sent a basket of kindness to let him taste fresh crab. The morning of October 19th 9, he plans to kill the crab, hands thumb clamped two crab pliers, a lot of blood flow. Did not expect that because of this, the old Soviet Union was admitted to the 175th Hospital of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Department of critical medicine, how to return a responsibility? Crab crush   swelling of the hands blister in the morning of October 28th, the PLA 175th hospital ward, wrapped in gauze, hands are receiving infusion treatment of the old Soviet Union and a bit haggard. He recalls, he was back on the three point red crab pinch. Weekdays, killing fish, crab and other seafood, being stung or hurt when something happens." Old Su said that the day of the incident, I feel nothing serious, did not care. Who knows around 4 p.m. that day, hands began to bleed, swelling, shaking the body. Old Su thought boil a boil in the past, but the condition is serious, and finally notify the son, the family immediately sent him to the hospital. However, the old Soviet condition has not improved, more and more severe swelling of the hands, and even began to blister. October 21st at noon, the old Soviet Union was transferred to the 175th Hospital Department of critical medicine continue treatment. The doctor diagnosed   infection caused by Vibrio vulnificus was diagnosed, the old Soviet Union is infected with Vibrio vulnificus. Zhu Jian, 175, a doctor in the Department of critical care medicine, said it was the first time. It is understood that Vibrio vulnificus is also known as marine Vibrio, is a kind of habitat in the sea of halophilic Gram-negative bacteria, like growth in 20 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius in the water, so the summer is more common. Once the body after infection, skin infection will shock, skin muscle necrosis, sepsis in 48 hours, causing multiple organ failure, 75% patients could die. Zhu Jian said that the bacteria are mainly two kinds of infection, one is to eat raw or unprocessed shellfish shellfish (especially oysters). Another route of infection is the destruction of the body in contact with sea water, or seafood stabbed skin infection. "Although the old Soviet Union did not contact with seawater, but also belongs to the crab crab, easy to be infected." Zhu Jian said that although the marine Vibrio vulnificus is dangerous, but health is not easy to infection, suffering from liver disease, people with low resistance is at risk. The doctor advised not to eat raw seafood old Su was eventually diagnosed as a rare cause of Vibrio vulnificus infection. The current situation has been gradually improved, the next step is needed for skin grafting. Zhu Jian suggested that to prevent Vibrio vulnificus, prevention is the key, usually the public in the process of capturing or killing seafood, we must remember to wear gloves. Such as hand wound, you try not to contact with seawater; being stung or hurt when shall as soon as possible disposal, can be washed or extruded infected blood etc.. In particular, do not eat seafood, it is best to eat cooked." He said that for the elderly, children and pregnant women and other people with lower immunity, as well as figure相关的主题文章: