Zhang Jie sang Star Trek 3 MV acousto-optic painting film star Tour (video) solid converter

Zhang Jie sang "Star Trek 3" MV acousto-optic painting film star Tour "Star Trek 3" theme song MV Zhang Jie sing painting film star tour acousto-optic entertainment Tencent by a Chinese director Lin Yibin, Chris pine, · · Zachary Quinto, Zoe · Dana, Simon; sal · Peggy starred in the Hollywood Science fiction a series of blockbuster "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" the upcoming September 2nd National release. Chinese theme song "Lost in the Stars" by singer Zhang Jie singing portrait, in the area of power China movie promotion, the song MV concert broadcast that caused a strong reaction in the August 20th Zhang Jie Guangzhou, there have been numerous recorded versions, like fans of the remarkable. Today, the official version of the official release of the MV in the whole network. Dynamic rhythm as the movie screen color picture displayed "future science fiction world Lost Stars" in the’s songwriting is not only the performance of the "Star Trek" life is an One principle runs through it all., concrete to the specific moment of life, produced by the international famous music producer Venus Brown featuring, is undoubtedly good. At the same time, MV made the movie screen, one bright ahead of the music and the grand Qili, acousto-optic painting shadows, distant stars to people’s thoughts lead to the vast expanse of the. In the picture, Zhang Jie sometimes dressed in silver light coat appeared in spacecraft cabin, red sparks scattered around open to things that vanishes in a flash strong sensory stimulation, sometimes appear in the disorderly broken rubble stone, behind revealing faint light, after the modern sense of the picture like on alien planet. The most noteworthy is that the movie screen and MV screen is the ingenious design while Zhang Jie splicing, full of rhythmic singing songs, while in the film space, spacecraft, outer planet freely, led the audience in a thrilling interstellar adventure in the time of a song. Have the Teana voice idol star Zhang Jie Zhang Jie interpretation of pride is the mainstay of today’s Chinese music, a rare pitched loud voice at all with cadenza, emotion and skill just perfect, heroic atmosphere and hidden edge, feels very senior. In many famous TV drama has amazing wonderful performances, such as film "theme song" a "Taoist mountain", "the Stormriders theme song" peace of mind ", do not forget the" king of pop "theme song" hand "and the TV series" energy-saving "theme song" My Sunshine "," Gu Jian "theme song" Kenshin "have been widely sung and professional praise. The fifty anniversary of the birth of the Star Trek series, Global Star Trek fans by infinite feelings evoke and amplification, people need a hero to lead a person to endless aftertastes pride high ethereal Teana voice, admirable spirit of adventure also need a positive quality idol. Perhaps, when you heard Zhang Jie singing from the movie screen in the faint, very touching feeling will make you think they should be so. The "Star Trek".相关的主题文章: