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Yangzhou, a small truck trailer rear end young man died in October 8th at 0 PM, Yangzhou City, the Yangtze River Road bridge leading the direction of traffic accidents, a small truck and trailer rear end truck, severely damaged, three people were trapped inside the car, where there is a small child, in case of emergency. The local police and fire departments, 120 emergency alarm, immediately to the scene to rescue. You can see the scene, a pickup truck and trailer rear end in front of large, severe deformation of the front of the truck, hit the pulp, three people were trapped, the driver was stuck, a little boy and an adult man were trapped in the back seat and the copilot, unconscious. Rescue workers arrived, the use of hydraulic expansion pliers and other tools to rescue the driver and the man on the back seat, while the child was severely card, rescue difficulties. Subsequently, the rescue workers on the truck department of traction belt, with the help of fire engines to pull out a little space. And then into the car, clean out the car debris, moved out of the child’s body, the man carried out on the stretcher. The rescued were taken to hospital. Both the child and the back man were seriously injured and died. According to a preliminary understanding, then small truck driver, a dodge and hit the front rear trailer, causing the accident, four car, of which three were card. Specific reasons are under further investigation.相关的主题文章: