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Xiang embroidery heritage rooted Hunan shaping Xiang embroidery to create "the museum" model – Beijing, Beijing in November 24 Changsha Xinhua (reporter Yang Huafeng) in November 23 to 24, by the Hunan Provincial Museum, Hunan Province Institute of Museum hosted Hunan shaping Xiang embroidery Museum Society 2016 annual Memorial Museum, cultural development and marketing creative products Museum special academic research field shaping "in the city, the town held Changsha. From Hunan, nearly 70 museums, memorial hall, on behalf of the creation of literature and Research on the creation of products. As a private museum, shaping the management mechanism of scientific innovation and embroidery Museum of cultural and creative products, as many public museums, Memorial Hall of typical learning. With the development of economy and society, people’s demand for high quality and diversified cultural products is strong, and the cultural consumption is increasing day by day. The National Museum at all levels has carried out the development of cultural and creative products, showing a diversified development and development business model, brand influence and social awareness of the continuous improvement of social benefits, such as enhanced efficiency. Chinese governments at all levels also strongly encourage cultural relics units to carry out the development of cultural and creative products. In recent years, shaping the Hunan embroidery museum resources, capital, talent, overcome the policy difficulties with sensitive market awareness, flexible management mechanism and clever creative use of capital, economy, culture and unique tourism resources, and Changsha education, tourism, cultural tourism industry in-depth cooperation, the cultural and creative products the development and marketing efforts. With the combination of embroidery art display models made of cheongsam. Yang Huafeng taken for the development of breakthrough industry, the museum launched the innovative young people love the cartoon portraits. "After the order, the pattern to the network design, the fastest two days to get a new concept of a pair of their own exclusive embroidery embroidery." Hunan sunpeak embroidery Museum Mao Yong Zhen said. Rapid development of the impact of electricity providers, traditional embroidery practitioners once caused panic. After preliminary investigation, Sha Ping embroidery museum decided to develop professional embroidery Internet platform, using a new concept of marketing mode, out of a new way of embroidery cultural and creative products. In 2010, the museum developed a series of the Fuchun mountains as the theme of the high-end embroidery, become the first in the product sales. After 10 years of development, Hunan sunpeak embroidery Museum won the 2015 national science education demonstration base "," Chinese embroidery culture development and industrial center "and other honors. "We also combine embroidery with art." Mao Yongzhen said, only to reach the market, understand customer needs, combined with the time trend, innovation and development of the traditional things, can let the embroidery industry go farther and better. (end)相关的主题文章: