Wuhan City Road and named 918 (Photos) (video) k-boxing

Wuhan City Road and named "918" (Photos) today is the "918" incident 85 anniversary. Little is known about the Wuhan Changchun street, Shenyang Road, Lushun Road, Dalian road and the northeast, and "918". Recently, Wuhan local records office and the Wuhan Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau official told the Yangtze Daily reporter interview revealed the reasons: the origin of the concession Road, named by Japanese, 1938 and 1946, Wuhan two large-scale change names, the original Japanese concession in the streets will all change with the Japanese related name. Changchun, Shenyang, Lushun, Dalian these invaders trampling of land for many years, in the victory that day returned to the embrace of the motherland, to the northeast to name names, that we have to recover the confidence of every inch of land. 1938: the Japanese concession Street renamed Wuhan City Local Records Office according to the information provided by the above named in the road, mainly concentrated in the Hankou River, between Shanhaiguan Avenue and Zhongshan Avenue Road and Huangpu Avenue area. "This area is the original Japanese concession." The office director Wu Mingtang told reporters the Changjiang Daily secret: these roads are built in the early years of the Republic of China on the concession period, the original road mostly with the imperialist aggression and colonial. After the outbreak of Anti Japanese War, the Japanese envoys and nationals Chinese Chinese government back exit, Japanese concession. In August 1938, the concession in Hankou to direct management by the Hankou municipal government. In the early days of the war, the war situation is very serious, exciting military and civilian war morale, but also to commemorate the martyrs, as a temporary wartime capital of Wuhan, the Japanese concession 13 streets all renamed. The naming of these 13 streets, part of the Japanese invaders in different periods of the Chinese people to slaughter and provocation of the event, such as the 918 street, the 128 street, the street, etc.. Unfortunately, only two months later, in October 1938, the fall of Wuhan, the Japanese occupation of Wuhan. The name was not really implemented. But the large-scale change, to the people of Wuhan left a deep impression. Do not forget the "918" thousands of pictures expose Japanese abandoned chemical weapons in China in 1946: 6 streets together to witness the victory of the war of eight years after the end of the war, in 1946, the Hankou municipal government carried out second road 11 road to the big change, the original concession rename. 1946 New Year’s day, 6 streets belong to the original five concessions, merged and renamed victory street. "This street in each section is different, reflects the imperialist regime." Wu Mingtang said, this street once across Britain and Russia, France and Germany, five concession, is a straight road, but was cut into 6 streets, with a different name. On the day of the victory of the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, the people of Wuhan were running on these 6 streets, cheering the victory, and the streets became one of the 6. The other 10 road names retained some of the street names named in 1938, but also increased the geographical concept of place names. To maintain the original name of Shanhaiguan Road, Lugou Bridge road. Shanhaiguan road name from the beginning of 1933, the battle of Shanhaiguan, which is a major war in the early days of the war相关的主题文章: