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Mobil-.puting WordPress "" the most apt publishing platform used for blogs, content management systems and customized websites has been around for quite some time now. With its numerous features, WordPress has gained popularity within a very short time. Another striking example of what open source power is. WordPress works on a PHP platform for development. This in itself provides for a very robust base. MySQL is used as a backend database. It"s not a wonder that it"s a developer"s favorite! Many web development .panies have used the potential of WordPress to develop customized websites and web applications for customers. We at Open Source Development India are a web development .pany and work on customizations using WordPress. Our WordPress development team has gained years of experience and can craft the most elegant websites with the most unique features. The charm of using open source is it"s flexibility. You can place a priority on your requirements and mould the software to behave in a way that you want. With this in mind, our team works in collaboration with you to understand your requirements and turn them into high quality unique web applications. Open source provides for another very appealing feature "" scalability. You can update and change the features with ease. Our WordPress developers have the knack to develop and maintain the final products leaving space for future enhancements and updates. .patibility with a wide range of browsers and platforms is never an issue. Our final products are always tested thoroughly and with lots of stress on cross platform operations. We do understand that your customers are based globally and there are various software and hardware that need to be tested for flawless operation of your web application. Our very talented testing team does not leave any stone unturned. Any anomalies are fixed before the final release of the product. Open source web Development is a professional WordPress development .pany. Our services do not stop at developing the perfect product. We take the next step to provide customers with support services for any queries on usage or functionality of the application. Our support professionals work 24 / 7 and provide first time resolution to most queries. Our WordPress developers work on a project from start to finish and provide you with world class applications. You can also hire a dedicated WordPress developer to maintain a focused approach for your individual project. This can be done on an hourly, weekly and monthly basis. Our team of experts has proven proficiency in the field of open source development and WordPress development. With the in.ing appreciations from all our customers, we feel confident to continue serving you with the same diligence and quality for all the future projects. With the open source advantage of free availability of software, we are able to provide services at very affordable prices. This definitely does not imply that the quality of work is .promised on. We work towards building long term relationships with our customers and believe in excellence in service delivery "" always! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: