Wolverine Origins Officially Means .ic Book Movies Are Here To Stay-punyu

Movies-TV Superhero movies have .e a long way. The latest is Wolverine Origins and in a way it’s the culmination of technical ability of filmmakers, correct casting and character popularity in one single strike. This is really a very rare trifecta. If you think back to those Christopher Reeve Superman movies it’s really a great case of correct casting. They went and found a guy that actually looked like Superman. It was pretty cool. But Superman even though he was well known he wasn’t really the kind of character that people were waiting for years to see a movie about. It was more a novelty thing than a fan driven movement that the movie studios got behind. Not to mention the special effect. Listen FOR THE TIME the effects were ok, but they were BARELY better than those 1940’s TV shows. So that’s one of three. And even in the case Spider-Man, even though the effects were right, and the fans were behind it. The studio used an actor we REALLY had to learn to love. He was not any fans ideal of what Peter Parker should have looked/sounded/acted like. So that’s two out of three. Next we had Iron Man. Very good effects. And Robert Downey Jr. was initially a surprise but his life story clicked so well with the character that people really got behind it. But again, nobody had been sitting around saying "man I really wish they’d make an Iron Man movie." It was dumb luck that because the effects were so good that fans went for it. Two out of three again. The Hulk movies are just sad. No .ment on those. Now the X-Men have been .ic book fan favorites for a long time. And the movies had good effects, but SO many actors chosen are just wrong that those movies are just a mismatch of like/dislike. So it actually made a tremendous amount of sense to take one of the characters they got right and spin him off into his own movie. Wolverine Origins. Three out of three. The only other franchise to hit this kind of home run is Batman. But they had to re-do those movies for TWENTY years to get that formula right, and so to me Wolverine is the first one done correctly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: