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With a water bloom to stay silent Zen Bodhi a cloud of Zen, silent to be calm is the Bodhi Bodhi flowers. Meditation, it is pure love. Can calm meditation, which is thought the most full, most happy mood, the most happy people’s temperament charm. In still can hear the sound of pounding heartbeat, to hear the faint sound of gurgling; we can see the soul willowy Ping Jing Li can see posture, charming and radiant love, like a loved one at the beginning of encounter, quiet, gentle, leap, ripples, light ripples, slowly blossoming flower, fragrance slowly filled. A beautiful scene on the feelings of tenderness in a faint from Xinxiang into brow soft, eyes like, dense rising on the deep heart of the air. Look back a young smile, a vigorous spring reunion, is the most beautiful and comfortable time. In a quiet stream, listening to the gurgling water, smell the hummingbird chirp, fish shrimp may realize landscape Bodhi, feeling breeze breeze, clouds have eyes. The Buddha said, Confidante bones are all false, full of lush green bamboo Dharmakaya, but yellow prajna. In this full of intricacies of fanaticism and secular, observe a quiet silence, not looking tired, not willing to do a depression, Yan does not seek fame stubborn moshanghua, open free, Xie also casual, so, very good. Quiet, not doing nothing, but not bored, but seek and enjoy the spiritual clarity, to enhance and improve the soul of culture, in the confused, lustrous and dazzling with a universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, plain Jane peace of mind gave birth to the most prosperous and beautiful rich, when is the ultimate pursuit of life. If you can not put it as it had freely flowing style of writing, to let your heart to plump and happy and calm. Quiet Zhi Yuan, non indifferent to ming. Meditation can calm wisdom, in order to realize science. The stream flows to flow into rivers; flowers quietly open to the sweet ting. The rush of life, to a certain age, live to a certain state, has long been meaningless gains and losses, but also the fear is not. Loneliness, can live a stand alone, can live to the flowers blooming like a piece of brocade; eventually still waters run the noble life and nirvana. This hundred years, fleeting, when you see all the flourishing, until you fame in the body, but found that the streamer gradually further and further away, but surprised to know may fade away gradually. Plants wither and fall, there are spring flowers can be expected; four seasons landscape removed, there is still a replacement cycle can be expected. Only the people of old age, and no reciprocating day. Heart pale as chrysanthemum, by cutting out the superfluous hiding in his quiet corner, brewing, a text, fill a que old word has the universe words, like words, Miss ink, such as apricot branches such as February March show Yao Qiao, pink posture, such as the April rose full of endless aftertaste. Everything in the world, with quiet and deep implication of zen. Long life road, because quiet down and aesthetic leisurely. "If the sunny day, just enjoy the cloud; if the rain knocked on the window, as if fleeting love, hear the wind sing; heart with flowers; but if the time passes, we treasure the past." The butterfly dance, flowers to pay water; the moon shines on the stream, the diameter of flowers fragrance ying. The beauty of the static, elegant wonderful in wine, if the breeze, sent strands of fragrance; if.相关的主题文章: