Wilson Yip, in charge of the greedy wolf, played by Louis Koo, the drama of the play of the wolf, reshacker

Wilson Yip Sammo Hung’s "Louis Koo Tony Jaa" wolf play Tencent entertainment news by sun entertainment culture, Bona film group Alibaba, pictures, pictures, pictures, Alex flagship Shanghai Tingdong pictures, Yongle Film Co investment action film "wolf", today (October 29th) held the worship ceremony in Bangkok, in addition to a public investment virgin, producer Zheng Baorui, director Wilson Yip, Huang Baigao; Sammo Hung; starring Louis Koo, Toni · (Tony Jaa); Jia, Wu Yue, Chris Collins, Ka Tung Lam and Ken Lo attended. The original cast to create "wolf" action movie star Louis Koo father said "don’t mind" movie "wolf" follows the "SPL 2" of the team, in addition to producer Zheng Baorui, Huang Baigao, director Wilson Yip, starring actor Louis Koo, Toni · (Tony Jaa); Jia and Ken Lo, also invited to the blockbuster film martial arts master Sammo Hung served as action director; graduated from Central Academy of Drama in the mainland action actor Wu Yue, who had served in the Marines for 9 years Chris Collins, the strength of Ka Tung Lam is also an actor to join the effort, the story and action scenes more colorful, but also more fresh, be sure to make the movie "wolf" has become one of the most the purpose of action series. The film tells the story of Louis Koo as a negotiator and 16 year old daughter quarrel, how her daughter pique home to Thailand missing, Louis Koo flew to Thailand to find her daughter, then by Toni · Jia and Wu Yue’s help, but on the way he meets the sale of human organs gangs mastermind Chris Collins, and thus launched a series of chase, melee story. When Louis Koo was asked if he would mind playing the father of a 16 year old girl, he said, "I don’t mind, but if I have a daughter of my age at the age of 16, I’m going to mind if she’s too early to be involved." Because of this film period up to two months, Louis Koo is expected to this year’s Christmas will be spent in hot action scenes. Wu Yue "threatened" and Louis Koo Ka Tung Lam took a daily learn Thai Ken Lo called "good" because the movie "wolf" to act, so the film side selected began martial arts since the age of five, "one of Wu Yue starred deep skill". Wu Yue said to play at the same time can not help but respect, and Thailand champion Toni · Jia cooperation is very excited: "although in the movie Toni · and I are friends; Jia, have the opportunity to play against, I mainly are Chris and Collins, but to see him and other people, or" experience "to his superb jumping ability and agility, very powerful!" Another thing that Wu Yue was excited by what is there will be a lot of scenes with his male god Louis Koo, he said he has been a fan of Louis Koo, but they can only see him on the big screen, and now finally have the opportunity to meet for the first time, could not wait to photo, and "that" every day a beat. As for Toni and · Jia has a lot of opponents, who served nine years in the Marine Corps Chris"相关的主题文章: