Why Does Pakistan Continue To Cut Off Us Supply Routes-winpm

Politics The Pakistanis have a habit of shutting down US supply routes which run through their country whenever things dont go the way that they want them to. The last time that this happened was after the NATO air strike which killed about two dozen Afghan troops. The issue is that NATO forces were returning fire on the positions where it was .ing from which turned out to be positions occupied by the Afghan military. Pakistan says that the attack on their positions was unprovoked. So now we have two different stated reasons for the attack and they both cant be correct. At least 26 Pakistani military personnel, including two officers, were killed, and 14 others were wounded. My question t the reader is who were the other wounded if they were not military personnel? Were they Taliban? The Taliban has a record of firing from positions close to the Pakistani military so that they wont get lit up in return. I dont know who the other injured were but I believe that it is a possibility. This brings another question into mind which is why would the Pakistanis allow the Taliban to do this anyway? The plot begins to thicken here and all sort of possibilities begin to spring into play. The Pakistani military says NATO helicopters and fighter jets carried out unprovoked firing on two of its posts in the Mohmand tribal district bordering Afghanistan. A military statement calls for "strong and urgent action" against those responsible for this aggression. Washington’s ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad to explain the incident. Munter says Washington regrets the loss of life among "any Pakistani servicemen," and promised to work closely with Pakistan to find out what happened. Now this is a politically correct answer to the question because I believe that Washington knows exactly what happened. They seem to be allowing the Pakistanis some room to save face in regards to this incident. I think that we can clearly see that the relationship between Pakistan and the US in nothing more than a marriage of convenience. The Pakistanis are receiving billions of dollars in US aid so they do the minimum amount necessary in order to keep the aid flowing. The US and NATO need those supply routes through Pakistan in order to maintain the supply of materials needed for the troops in Afghanistan Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani has strongly condemned the attack, and convened an emergency meeting of senior leaders to discuss next steps. NATO says General John Allen, .mander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, is personally paying the highest attention to the matter. He’s .mitted to thoroughly investigate and determine the facts. He expresses his sincere and heartfelt personal condolences to the families and loved ones of any member of the Pakistan security forces who may have been killed or injured." Now let me add my two cents right here with a little advice for the Pakistanis. I would tell them that there is a moral to this story which is when you fire on NATO troops be prepared to get lit up in return. The NATO force says it remains .mitted to improving security relations with Pakistan, including coordinating cooperation along the Afghan-Pakistan border. That border is extremely mountainous, winding, and porous to foot traffic this presents a constant challenge for military planners on both sides. The Taliban and other militants take advantage of the nearly 2,400-kilometer-long border to carry out attacks on U.S. and NATO forces. Military Ring Express 相关的主题文章: