Wenzhou odd woman 13 years old to Brazil department store to buy a mansion at the age of 16 haywire

Wenzhou "Wonderwoman" at the age of 13 to sell merchandise at the age of 16 to buy luxury in the domestic compact arrangements such as "run" to Brazil, but because of the Rio Olympics and become attached to Zhejiang newspaper, still let Sun Teying to make time for the Sheng Hangzhou Zhejiang newspaper. Before the meeting, when I hesitate to call it "Sun president" or "Sun chairman" good, she appeared. Laughing into the peony flower shining face, and a close move hand around my shoulders, just like everyone in "sister Alan". Yes, in Brazil, some people may not know Wenzhou Sun Teying, but as long as the Chinese, will not have heard the name "Alan". As the Brazil Cultural Exchange Association honorary president, from 13 to 63 years old, 50 years in a foreign country has not erased Sun Teying a trace of love of the motherland and miss. At home, she was like a bursting with curiosity girl; her heart in the country in foreign countries, people need help to help resolve the dilemma. The lens at the sun Teying when I saw her smile, written solely in the trend of the times in the determination, and the world of enduring love. "Bag" girl full of enthusiasm in business has an extraordinary legendary story, seems to be many working people in Wenzhou and some of the standard. In January 1, 1967, only 13 year old sun Teying arrived in Brazil, to all feel fresh and curious she had a chance to experience the city, hastily carry on "bag", began his career in business. "I remember when I was in Brazil for a month, I started doing business." Sun Teying said, bag business as if the door is now selling. The Brazilian is very exquisite, when her bag is installed a lot of bed sheets, bed cover, table cloth, and the girl to get married need dowry etc.. "I took the bus one by one block around, going from door to door, although the language barrier, but also seems to be the successful completion of introduction, sales and payment." Good luck when the sun Teying can touch the heart good people, not only to buy her merchandise, but also recommend her to neighbors and relatives and friends, let the neighbors take care of sun Teying business; encountered more "powerful" people, sun Teying suffered, is often a hard slamming doors, but no cold-shoulder treatment can not affect her business enthusiasm. From the small small to the high-rise residential, from high-rise apartment to low bungalow, sun Teying three years "bag" business that she had tasted victory for the first time. The 16 year old sun Teying relying on their ability to buy a house in Brazil. At that time the house is a mortgage purchase, 2 years in installments, need to pay $2 thousand per month. During the day to do business, study in the evening, the economic pressure on the full two years, sleeping at night with only the instalments…… Never had an innocent girl." "Every morning, the first thing I open my eyes, is today should be where to go, what should find new customers." Sun Teying said that under the circumstances of the rapid growth of the force, 18 years old, she has a car of their own. Spread from Brazil girl dowry ideas, sun Teying and his family will pay attention to the sight of gold and silver, precious stones and other jewelry field. The cause of prosperity but also by selling goods until 1989, 22 years before the end of her career, "bag" opened an umbrella, shoes do.相关的主题文章: