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Wallace Huo Ruby Lin good luck and mobile phone screen cracked not repair Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin wedding entertainment received many blessings, but two people are busy with work, Wallace Huo has been photographed mobile phone screen split, did not think this is the mainland media to capture his mobile phone has not been repaired, so many fans think he had earlier in the program that said "I am nostalgic", an insight into the side of his thrifty. Wallace Huo day in Shanghai before it was photographed by the mobile phone screen broken, but today it is captured or not to repair the screen, interestingly, the fans noticed two key! Because Wallace Huo is still without any social accounts, netizens joked that "I think God did not take the intelligent mobile phone", another is to let people see his thrift. Wallace Huo had been friends in the past refers to the old clothes to wear the same set, he had responded, saying that can not understand why the clothes can not be re wear?" To say, "don’t think that it’s the right thing to do. I have the right to be extravagant, but I don’t have to do that. I am very nostalgic. Some clothes are not to be lost." Therefore this mobile phone screen is not repair, so that fans can use Lenovo if he thinks there is no need to repair, but the netizen suspects "he just too busy to take." Veteran Wallace Huo is really thrifty mobile phone screen cracked not repair相关的主题文章: