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UAV company in the United States the most powerful is how to Xinjiang the "Forbes" website published an article on the front, introduces the UAV company 3D Robotics failed the antecedents and consequences. Less than two years ago, the company’s prospects are bright, but now it has been completely out of the UAV manufacturing field, into a struggling software company. The following text content: last March, sunny day, Chris · Anderson (Chris Anderson) outdoor venue with an American reporter in California Berkeley 3D Robotics headquarters, about the future of flying robot. 3D Robotics was the largest consumer class UAV manufacturer in North America, and Anderson was the former editor of Wired magazine, and the author of the New York Times bestseller. He confidently told reporters that the UAV market size of up to billions of dollars level, 3D Robotics is ready to seize this opportunity. Today, the UAV may still be a valuable consumer level technology, like a personal computer or smart phone, but the prospects for 3D Robotics has become cloudy and bleak. In the past 12 months, the company has from the field of UAV start-up leader is reduced to the point of survival struggle. 3D Robotics has laid off more than 150 people, burn burned nearly 100 million dollars, also completely change the business strategy, it is all bad management, failure of strategy, forecast and rash caused by. Silicon Valley in "Forbes" proud as Lucifer interviewed 10 former employees of 3D Robotics, the company hopes to know the plight of the whole story. Many people say that until the beginning of this year, they found that the company encountered difficulties. Poor sales during the Christmas shopping season, and the rapid rise of competitors, so that Anderson and his management team had to withdraw from the field of consumer uav. Some people say that almost at this time last year, they feel that 3D Robotics is doomed to fail, when the company’s first mass market UAV in the production process problems. "This is a typical Silicon Valley proud as Lucifer. The company made a $100 million mistake because of incompetence." A former employee said. He is still working in the UAV industry, and therefore do not want to be named. In its heyday, 3D Robotics has offices in Austen, Santiago Bay area, and Tijuana, a total of more than 350 employees; high venture capital, Richard · and True Ventures; Branson and other investors to the company’s valuation is $360 million. Anderson believes that there is no competition in the consumer level UAV space, hoping to develop the general consumer and the company’s ability to attract the flying robot. He left the "connection" magazine, fully into the 3D Robotics company, sketched a picture: children play flying robots in the park, farmers and construction workers to use them to patrol the fields of corn, to see the construction site. 3D Robotics intends to develop the Solo is no one like this.相关的主题文章: