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U.S. media: investor expectations for 2016 U.S. interest rates decreased – Beijing, Beijing, February 4, according to U.S. media reported on 4, investors are expected to adjust the U.S. interest rate hike this year, they generally believe that the U.S. Federal Reserve Board (FED) is unlikely to raise interest rates in March, even the rest of the year may have will not raise interest rates. The shift in investor sentiment can be seen from a sharp decline in US dollar Wednesday and a sharp drop in US Treasury yields this year. The futures market is now predicting the Fed’s interest rate hike at next month’s policy meeting is unlikely, the possibility of raising interest rates this year is less than 50%, compared to six weeks ago forecast reversal. Some analysts have been lowering expectations on the Fed’s interest rate hike. Because the interest rate expectation can imply the health of the US economy, the index is closely watched by investors. Goldman Sachs economists say they no longer think the Fed will raise interest rates next month because of weak economic data and tight financial conditions caused by the dollar’s strength over the past year. The dollar fell against the euro and the yen on Wednesday, the biggest decline in months, against Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, pound sterling and Russian ruble and a series of emerging market currencies also declined. Oil prices tumbled in the last year with the dollar rising by 8% in New York trading session. The dollar appreciation usually depresses oil prices, because the dollar appreciation will lead to higher prices for dollar denominated oil in other currencies. Before the dollar went down on Wednesday, the United States posted dismal service data, while a Fed official delivered a partial easing speech. Some investors now believe that the pace of interest rate hike in the United States this year may be much slower than expected. In December last year, the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates by 0.25 percentage points, and is expected to raise interest rates for the four time this year.

美媒:投资者对2016年美国加息的预期减弱-中新网   中新网2月4日电 据美媒4日报道,投资者正在调整对今年美国加息的预期,他们开始普遍认为美国联邦储备委员会(美联储)不太可能于3月份加息,甚至今年剩余时间可能都不会加息。   投资者看法的转变从美元周三全线走低以及今年美国国债收益率大幅下跌可以看出来。期货市场目前预测美联储在下个月政策会议上加息的可能性微乎其微,今年加息的可能性不到50%,较六周前的预测出现大逆转。   一些分析人士一直在下调对美联储加息的预期。由于加息预期可暗示美国经济的健康状况,该指标受到投资者的密切关注。高盛集团经济学家表示,他们不再认为美联储下个月将加息,称原因是经济数据疲软,以及过去一年美元走强造成的金融状况趋紧。   美元兑欧元和日元周三创数月来的最大跌幅,兑加元、澳大利亚元、英镑以及俄罗斯卢布等一系列新兴市场货币也走低。   过去一年随美元升值而大跌的油价在纽约交易时段飙升8%。美元升值通常会压低油价,因为美元升值会导致以美元计价的石油用其他货币购买时的价格更高。   在周三美元走低之前,美国公布了低迷的服务业数据,而一位美联储官员发表了偏宽松立场的讲话。一些投资者现在认为,今年美国的加息步伐可能会比预期慢许多。去年12月,美联储将短期利率上调0.25个百分点,有预计称今年将四次上调利率。相关的主题文章: