Tragedy! Battery tricycle did not pull the key to start the process caused the death of 2 year old g mide-031

Tragedy! Battery tricycle did not pull key process start caused by 2 year old girl died battery tricycle driver Xiao Ming, after parking did not pull the keys away, wanted to import a few minutes will not happen, because the results did not pull the keys, vehicle start, the two girls killed. Recently, the Jiaxing Tongxiang people’s court accepted the cause of death is caused by the disputes of the right to life of girls. One day in September 2015, Xiao Ming driving a battery tricycle back to his shop, the car parked in front of the store on the ground. After a short time to hear the sound of the next door, the owner of two year old daughter was trapped by the battery tricycle hit the shutter door was injured, after being sent to the hospital died on the same day. The day after the Ming did not get off the car in time to get off the key, Xiaoming 4 year old brother and the next owner of the shop, the son of the old man climbed on the battery tricycle play 5. I love to see two younger brother, was babbling away from the embrace of grandparents, happily go. Who would have thought, when the battery tricycle unexpectedly started, hit the little girl. After the incident, the two sides failed to negotiate due to compensation matters, the little girl’s parents to the court, requiring a compensation for the loss of a small ming. Tongxiang court held that: there is no relationship between the behavior of the key and the consequences of the case, so Xiao Ming should bear some responsibility for the death of the little girl. The plaintiff will be handed over to the care of elderly parents of young girls under two years of age, letting their daughter play in the play in the side of the road, also not far away from the vehicle, not the guardian’s liability for the accident, also a fault. Ultimately, the court mediation, the two reached a compensation agreement of 165 thousand yuan. At present in the urban and rural transportation in battery tricycle is very common, this type of vehicle is often of large volume, heavy weight, high speed, but the stability and braking ability is insufficient, traffic accidents often cause serious consequences. In real life, many people do not have the habit of drawing a key, this bad habit, in addition to the vehicle is easy to steal, there is also the risk of accidents caused by the failure of the full capacity of the people to start. In addition, it is worth noting that, in this case, a few children are less than 6 years of age, the guardian should do the duty of care, custody of their children.相关的主题文章: