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The price of gold today conservative estimate there last fall gold investment network February 23rd news, Monday, gold prices tumbled, once refresh two low to $1201.89 an ounce, $because the pound fell and rose to three week highs formed a clampdown on the price of gold, the stock market also weighed on the safe haven demand for gold. Fundamental analysis on Tuesday Asia time, the relative lack of market is recommended to investors news data, the time trends in our market we continue to pay attention to, on Monday, China’s stock index led the global stock market, the market risk appetite improved sharply, today we hope our market still maintained a good momentum. In the European session, Germany’s GDP took the lead in the eyes of investors, and then several German IFO data were released, which would lead to short-term fluctuations in the euro. As for the French manufacturing confidence index, due to the impact of the market is mediocre, you can browse casually. New York time, the United States launched a large number of calendar data, the city price index, home sales and consumer confidence index led the market trend climax, investors trading to do. Also, fed vice chairman Fisher will deliver a speech on monetary policy, we know that Fisher belongs to the dovish camp, the recent rebound in oil prices boost the confidence of the market, hedging demand gradually subsided, Fisher’s speech is still stick to its conservative consistent, the answer is about to be announced. In addition, the trend of U.S. stocks and oil prices has given other markets a trend of guidance, investors can find out the basis for operation. Technical analysis on Monday, gold prices daily is not optimistic, yesterday said last week the international gold price shock rebound after three days 1240, support long Thursday is starting up a limit point below the 1200 mark integer, top form out. Although the beginning of the week the international gold price is not as regional general continue to rebound before the high resistance test 1260 go down but as long as the market could double, fall, rebound 1240 we also have counted on the resistance test. Because the international price of gold bearish mentality is clear, rebound 1240 drop and rebound fell 1260 in nature, only for the operation we want to rebound in the 1260 fall, so we have the opportunity to enter the bears. Now the price of gold can only hold relatively among some empty single positions, but as long as the market can smoothly fall behind the position price advantage will gradually appear. Comprehensive analysis over multiple cycles of comprehensive analysis, the performance of the gold price pressure at the top is located in 1210-1214-1220, in the absence of major news events, is expected to complete the three week break pressure platform is not easy, only focus on the strong support below 1190. If you can keep steady and attack on the 1220, 1260 is high above the stage, if the fall of 1190, is looking for a rebound high short strategy, said a spot gold still need to continue searching for support. Tuesday that stay on the sidelines, not recommended for short before the shift in more fundamental factors, Asian city early that day traders use price to 1206- on

今日黄金价格保守倾向估计还有最后一跌   金投网2月23日讯,周一黄金价格震荡下跌,一度刷新两日低点至1201.89美元 盎司,美元因英镑大跌而涨至三周高点对黄金价格形成一定的压制,亚欧股市的回暖也打压了黄金的避险需求。   基本面分析   周二亚洲时段,市场相对缺乏值得向投资者推荐的消息面数据,本时段我国市场的动向大家继续留意,周一我国股指领涨全球股市,市场风险偏好情绪大幅好转,今天希望我国市场依旧保持这种良好的势头。   欧洲时段,德国的GDP率先进入投资者的眼帘,随后德国几项IFO数据同时发布,料将造成欧元的短线波动。至于法国制造业信心指数,由于市场影响平平,大家随便浏览即可。   纽约时段,美国一大批财经日历数据相继推出,其中大城市房价指数、成屋销售以及消费者信心指数一起带领行情趋势的高潮,投资者做好交投的准备。   还有,美联储副主席费希尔将发表货币政策讲话,大家知道费希尔属于鸽派阵营,最近油价回升鼓舞了市场信心,避险需求逐渐消退,费希尔的讲话是否依然坚持其一贯的保守倾向,谜底即将揭晓。   另外,美股和油价的走势一直给其他市场带来趋势性的指引,投资者可以从中找出操作的依据。  技术面分析      周一黄金价格回落日线不乐观,昨天说过上周国际金价震荡三天后反弹1240,多头的支撑极限是周四起涨点1200整数关口,跌破上面顶部形态就出来了。   尽管周初国际黄金价格没有如区域一般继续反弹测试1260前高阻力走双顶回落,但只要行情能回落,反弹1240我们也算作对阻力有了测试动作。   因为国际黄金价格看空思路是清晰的,反弹1240回落和反弹1260回落性质一样,只是对于操作来说我们更希望反弹1260回落,这样我们空头还有入场机会。   现在黄金的价格只能持有相对中间一些的空单头寸,不过只要行情能顺利下跌,后面持仓价格的优势会逐渐表现出来。  综合研判   综合上方多个周期分析,黄金价格表现上方压力位位于1210-1214-1220,若无重大消息面变故,预计周初要完全突破这三个压力平台非常不容易,下方强支撑只关注1190。   若能守稳并攻上1220,则新高1260上方可期,若失守1190,则是反弹寻觅高位做空的策略,表示着现货金仍需继续下探寻觅支撑。   周二整体建议保持观望,在更多基本面因素出现转变前不建议做空,亚市盘初建议日内交易者利用金价向1206-1203美元回撤的机会谨慎、轻仓逢低做多,目标看1213-1218美元,激进者看1220美元上方,止损设1200美元下方,中线投资者继续离场观望。   今日金价操作建议:   今天金价依然持有1210和1214空,空仓的激进见1212一线空,保守等反弹1222空。   今日黄金价格激进1212空,保守1222空,止损各5美金,目标1195、1185! 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: