To strengthen the supervision of the Guangzhou real estate intermediary stores have pulled off the l magicq

To strengthen the supervision of the Guangzhou real estate intermediary shop license have pulled yesterday, Guangzhou intermediary stores have posted numerous size "list" will be removed, the store will not see those fascinating advertisements. "The recent check card, check card, check the brokerage customer information and data availability check tight." An industry insider told reporters revealed. Guangzhou Pearl River New City, due to the relevant departments to strengthen supervision, real estate agents have been removed from the window of the real estate advertising. It is understood that this time to check with the Department in charge of regulating the order of the industry moves on. Market participants believe that the Guangzhou intermediary industry has been more standardized, this time a thorough investigation of the secondary intermediary industry standards will not affect the secondary market, but conducive to the orderly development of the industry. Guangzhou Daily reporter Lin Lin Lai Weihang photography,   reporter Wang Weixuan yesterday afternoon, Guangzhou City Real Estate Association issued a "notice" more directly on regulating the availability of information released, for the agency published listings should be true, complete and accurate, with a housing information should be consistent with the release in stores, websites and other different channels. At the same time, the housing transactions, the parties entrusted revocation information or entrust the expiration of the period after the release of the case, intermediary agencies shall, within 2 working days of the housing information from various stores, websites and other distribution channels for removal. Guangzhou City Real Estate Association also stressed that the intermediary institutions and practitioners to publish listings information, it shall sign a written entrustment agreement with the entrusted party, signed a trust agreement should examine the proof of property rights and the principal proof of identity, and keep the relevant copies, to ensure that the agreement is true and effective; without the written consent of the principal. Not to publish listings information; intermediary institutions shall not use without the availability of information intermediary services commission. According to the notice, in violation of the above provisions, the Guangzhou Real Estate Association will be based on the "credit management measures" Guangzhou City real estate intermediary industry to give credit points and exposure, and transferred to the administrative department in charge of processing. Guangzhou market supervision department inspection team to check: false listings intermediary issued yesterday, the reporter visited a number of sections of the intermediary floor, found that both the street floor or floor area have already been put in front of the "license" all removed, a cool facade". The reporter asked the sales staff to the owners and tenants of the identity, the response is because after some disk source is not real, or the owner information, asking price change and not timely updates, so these data are temporarily removed, and the floor sales staff are required to sign a written power of attorney and the owners can sell. An intermediary sales staff for WeChat sent to reporters, reporters asked the best price now is not afraid to publish the best price in the store, the intermediary said: "this time very strict investigation, the owners must sign a contract can be placed in the store." Reporters asked whether there is no sign of the contract entrusted to the private client, the agency said: just because the disk is very good to customers." Reporters learned that the recent Guangzhou intermediary stores to withdraw "license" and the Department in charge of 6 moves相关的主题文章: