This year the national judicial examination qualification of non professional players to grab the ru

This year, the national judicial examination qualification examination of non occupation players to "grab the runway" this month 24 days this year during the national judicial examination, is the last year to allow non law majors and non legal workers apply, the number of candidates soared, only to catch the last bus. The qualification examination is originally for practitioners to set the access threshold, but more and more people put a lot of effort and professional "grab runway" with their own independent occupation qualification, meant to them what? Professional examination to attract non professionals this year, the national judicial examination, the number of applicants in Shanghai hit a record high, reaching 26500 people, an increase of 31%. National enrollment grew by 21% year on year. Applicants with an average age of just 27 years old, but older people also have a lot of, the maximum age of 71 years old. This is a very professional examination also attracted a large number of non professionals, among them, law professional persons accounted for 51.6%, law majors enrollment accounted for more than 48.4%, nearly 55, the proportion of non legal professional candidates increased significantly compared to previous years. This year, the number of applicants to grow rapidly, more than non legal professionals, and the qualification exam next year about the reform. In the future, the judicial examination system will be adjusted to the national unified legal occupation qualification examination system, judicial examination will be renamed "legal occupation qualification examination, examination scope and personnel access threshold will change. After the reform, the future of "legal occupation qualification examination" access threshold more stringent, must have a full-time higher school of law undergraduate degree and Bachelor degree, or full-time colleges and universities illegal science bachelor degree and master of laws, master of law degree or above and obtain the corresponding degree of other engaged in legal work three years or above". Originally, whether or not the legal profession, as long as there is a bachelor degree, can participate in the judicial examination; and after the reform of non legal professional candidates, if you want to participate in this examination, had to go to study law. A grass-roots trade union clerk Xiaoliao, the entry for only two years, is also an active participant in the field of judicial examination. In order to prepare for the exam, she and speak well, last month try not to schedule tasks to her, let her leave time to prepare for the exam, she was asked to review the sabbatical, closed, against this qualified rate was more than 20% professional examinations. When asked why they will participate in the judicial examination of the topic, said Liu, she is now engaged in the work of trade unions, the work may encounter a variety of legal issues, and sometimes she needs to make a judgment. In order to be a competent trade union cadres, we must master the professional knowledge of law, since it is necessary to learn, it is better to simply learn some professional, more comprehensive, a test card. Anyway, now young, if you can get a certificate of legal practitioners, certainly helpful for the future life." [] to explore the driving force in addition to the employment demand, and love it is understood that at present our country occupation qualification is divided into two categories: one is the entry class occupation qualification, with the nature of administrative license, in accordance with the relevant laws, administrative regulations and the State Council decided to set up, such as the lawyer qualification certificate, teacher qualification certificate. The other is the level of evaluation of professional qualifications, does not have the nature of administrative licensing, is the face)相关的主题文章: