These mysterious organizations in Shanghai College 90% college students do not know darren hayes

The mysterious organization of colleges and universities in Shanghai 90% college students actually do not know in the university campus, and television works are often portrayed as a mysterious place, and the school also really lurks many unknown trapdoor and compartment, pushed a small wooden door, in fact, behind to be a your university benefit organization. (figure for the Yunnan University counseling center with the corner) and the increasing social pressure, now basically every university will set up a psychological counseling center, to provide free psychological counseling and help for students. Have to admit that, in recent years, the Dutch act of homicide cases than in previous years showed a rising trend, half a year ago the Sichuan Normal University Ripper murder also because of frustration, visible before the eyes, love academic job failure and other reasons, Dutch act case is frequent news, so students need a healthy psychological orientation. The mental health education and consultation center of East China Normal University is famous in the whole country. It cares for the people in the way of human nature, so as to make every visitor feel the warmth in his heart, and get the purpose of income. The center is equipped with psychological counseling, mental health education, psychological crisis intervention, new psychological test and other services, and strive to create a healthy living environment for college students. (figure for psychological counseling studio of East China Normal University) principal mailbox principal mailbox is referred to the channels, which students express suggestions to the leadership of the school, let the students sound to the school leadership in the ear, in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of the purpose of the way. For example, students feel that one of their own rights have been infringed, or a move not satisfied with the school, the school leader level to give a reasonable explanation, then through the principal mailbox or similar organization, will reflect the current situation to the school, the school will be convenient within a certain period of time through the convening of the meeting other ways to reply. In twenty-first Century the university is open and inclusive, in the formulation of the decision the school will not persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, but listen to their suggestions, considering the interests of the students; similarly, the legitimate rights and interests of students is not violated after appeal without the door, the moment to listen to the voice of the students, for students, is an important way to keep the vitality and vigor. Love love hut hut is for schools to provide convenient, all the way to reveal the love collectively, the most representative is the love house, many colleges and universities each dormitory floor has an empty room, but not inside the bed bunk beds, for walking wounded students. In addition, the school finance reimbursement "Easy Access", "love the cafeteria channel, some schools according to different height design of different height bookcase, tea room, night study hall…… A variety of intimate design reflects the school’s love and care for students. "When I play the term leg fracture," East China Normal University Institute of physical education and health of students on campus commander Liu said: "I have lived 6, when a cast in the downstairs want to do, the school gave me the first floor of the house of love, I think school is good humanized." (pictured at Southwest University of Science and Technology love house) love assists platform often stay in school will be相关的主题文章: