The Xu Jiao show tears collapse! Was not respected and respected designers

The Xu Jiao show tears collapse! By the number of "professional and do not respect the designer on the show" Xu Jiao tears collapse according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Xu Jiao starred in film "Yangtze River seven", "Star", from child is transformed into a beauty, and more recently with Joe Chen, Carina Lau and other three famous actress to join people really show "we come" but in the program, because the concept of sub and costume designer on the spot tears collapse, let the fans very distressed, but users have been accused of "very professional, especially in response to the matter after micro-blog. Xu Jiao and Xu Jiao and other artists designers stalled in the latest episode and well-known fashion designer Guo Pei, to put on the works of masters runway walk, but want to makeup is not suitable for other designers that want to adhere to the idea, she can change back and forth time to lead the discussion stage, communication impasse and let her helpless back seat to tears, finally decided to let her staff as they want hair and makeup on stage, but she also said in the interview to think through the suitable makeup off clothing, absolute respect for designers, the netizen shelling on the show must have to listen to a word not just "designer" cry, that show show clothes, not allow artists to express our ideas. Xu Jiao micro-blog. In this regard, Xu Jiao 27, said he had several times in the network is the slanderer, "but this time I can very calmly." Only at the scene witnessed people know her antecedents and consequences and to tears, "just a little misunderstanding in the process, only now the results appear, not to say, I know." Finally we thank the support of her fans, also have friends come out for her to feel wrong, that is a problem clips on the show, Carina Lau also revealed that she was young and has his own personality, "she might grow up because of this thing." Praise her brave to express their own ideas.相关的主题文章: