The world’s largest circus Carnival opened in Zhuhai Changlong cosmax

The world’s largest "circus Carnival" in Zhuhai long open November 11, 2016 -12 month 4 days, with the grand opening of the third China International Circus Festival in November 18th, the world’s largest "circus Carnival" will shock struck, Zhuhai Long International Ocean Resort in addition to staged a wonderful circus feast Zhuhai Changlong ocean Kingdom, will also be the incarnation of "circus kingdom", welcome visitors from all over the world, the circus, circus carnival parade every day colorful, more magicians, clowns, acrobats to cross Bay Hotel, hotel, hotel and tourist circus Penguin interactive. 27 award-winning shows from world Circus Circus Carnival feast during the month, the third session of the China International Circus Festival will be staged at the Grand Theatre in Hengqin Island from November 18th to 26, can accommodate 5000 spectators in the circus hall, 27 award-winning from more than and 20 countries of the programmes, will attack the highest honor. The 27 is the circus team represents the highest level in today’s world circus, there are at least 10 teams have won the "Circus Festival called Oscar" Monte Carlo International Circus Festival Awards, including more than one teams by the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival named "my best circus show" in 40 years, this year invited to participate on behalf of the world’s highest honor in the Monte Carlo International Circus Circus Festival Gold show performances over the past 40 years review. Long International Circus after 16 years of development, even in the China overseas have cultivated a group of considerable size of the audience to watch the circus, the number has accumulated more than 25 million people. Long International Circus, with high performance and high quality packaging art, has become an important symbol of Guangzhou and Zhuhai products rich in cultural life. The third China International Circus Festival will be the continuation of the former two success mode, bring a world’s largest circus Carnival Party for the majority of tourists, the tourists to become the world’s most happy circus audience. The embodiment of the "ocean Kingdom circus kingdom" in November 8th "circus Carnival" to start the ceremony, some lucky ordinary family came to Zhuhai Changlong ocean kingdom ", the first to experience the lively atmosphere of the circus Carnival". The size of a clown took send colorful balloons, join the clowns and jugglers and magicians led the circus parade, go to a circus filled wind ocean Kingdom, also to far away from the Hengqin Island theater to watch the award-winning world top circus, "as in the last check the museum" Changlong Circus Circus hotel. It is reported that, during the period of "circus Carnival", the sea kingdoms will be the embodiment of the circus kingdom ", the park not only adds a lot of decoration such as circus, circus tent everywhere, also prepared a number of exciting circus programs for the majority of visitors, and the Magic Clown, Ma Ximei female costumes dance, acrobatics and juggling your wonderful foot eye addiction; in addition, the ocean Kingdom parade will also include circus Carnival elements, happy clowns, acrobats on stilts in the parade now singing, now dancing, but also for visitors to send art balloons. It is worth mentioning that, "the circus.相关的主题文章: