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"The wedding" why hit   Yao Di shows the "upright" positive energy — entertainment channel — days ago, by the strength of actor Yao Di starred in the big drama "marriage" is why sustained hit. In a recent broadcast drama, Yao Di plays Jenna Wang changed in the past the image of urban women turned toe independent, as do back to the real self determination and the mother started fling caution to the winds, "a war of self-defense". Married life storm continued to do their own meal to Yao Di as Wang Ping is a pure beautiful and lovely girl. She has a beautiful temperament, but also has a stylish occupation label, she tried to become a mother let her be. After the meal the mother forced after married mother favorite son Zheng said, marriage between meal and Zheng words are always misunderstanding constantly, keep the storm. You decided to let go of the past and Zheng said well, constantly change themselves to adapt to the habits of Zheng Yan, but still not sure you finally said Zheng, Zheng decided to leave, to live for yourself. The drama with delicate emotions, simple plot to show the life. "Yao Di’s interpretation of the perfect show in a big meal emotional control and inner details of the tangled and wandering, Wang meal true love, for love and courage spirit has infected many people, can not help but let users have to chase the spirit of love like you. You started the battle of Yao Di and the mother of acting was appreciated in a corner of Wang meal fully reflects the status of contemporary women, the outbreak of the "war" is a compelling reason to chase drama. When the "three kings" again in the bar at first sight, you find the true self, and announced she and Zheng Yan decided to divorce. Wang Ping is a pure girl, but on the other side, the construction of the character but not Weakness lends wings to rumours., and the screen in front of a large audience experience has a strong resonance. Yao Di with the vivid performance skills with a relaxed and lively story, to show the positive energy of modern urban women love, marriage "upright". With the drama broadcast, played by Yao Di Wang again by the audience’s hot meal, the meal is both dedicated to the love of her friendship, or pay, let a lot of people because of the role of Yao Di and the perfect interpretation of praise. With the continuous development of the drama, the drama about love and marriage is a wonderful story continues. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: