The teapot not getting moist, but the dim and dark

The teapot not getting moist, but the cause of dim and dark again good teapot, if on the shelf, but is also a stone, a piece of clay. Although a good pot is not raised, but the more the better the better. Sometimes, no pot buy back after getting run, but the dim and dark. This is the pot is wrong or wrong? 1, not to raise the pot and tea, had stomach is not worth it, slowly, it is not urgent. 2, the teapot is used for drinking tea, tea pot is for service, according to the selection of tea pot, tea pot and is a good pot, from a practical sense, a great many years a semi manual for tea pot is much more than a new $ten thousand pot of strong. 3, pot shaped tea brewing also has an impact. Green Tea brewing type can be selected, larger, more generally for about 300 ml, for short, opening a large, in order to make Green Tea to around 85 degrees Celsius temperatures show unique fragrance and refreshing taste Green Tea, brewing Green Tea, not with the lid, after 2-3 minutes, then cover the pot cover pour out tea, tea drinking cup activities. Brewing black tea, the selection can be large. Pot height, Black Tea need high temperature stew, use this type in order to make the tea pot is more sweet, more mellow taste of alcohol. Bubble oolong tea, the device should be small. Small aroma not lax, fragrant smell good together. Bubble tea, the same Green Tea pot can be full of flowers and complex taste of tea. From the present point of view the pot art charm, antique pot for global heavy taste of fermentation degree heavier Oolong Tea (such as tea), Pu’er Tea, Black Tea; clear interest for global heavy fragrance Green Tea, Oolong Tea; high pot, like Mongolia package dome and the kettle lip height and thin Zhu small mud pots, making heavy aroma Oolong Tea, cover the lid smell the aroma, the pot cover is not less than a cup of fragrant poly function of a function. 4, the tea pot is self-cultivation elegant thing, peace of mind is good, don’t hold a tea teapot with a small brush to wipe the doom, keep the brush into the kettle with tea, suddenly, the mouth does not stop reading: one ground pot is not lazy, ten thousand years too long, seize the day. It is wrong. 5, the open must be careful to try to put the pot inside some small sand, impurities and dust removed, you have to a certain extent it up late. Open (1) wash new teapot pot pot, clean the inside and outside of the stains (including sand powder left etc.). The container (2), no smell and cleaning mouth along the high kettle body will be filled with water, gently into the pot until it is completely submerged in water, with the fire. At this point we should pay attention to two points: "1" cold water pot, so that the pot and the water temperature rise, the maximum degree of protection of the pot, pot and lid separate; "2" must make the pot completely immersed in water. Because the mud will expand in the intake of large amounts of water, add "Rezhanglengsuo" role, but not in the water because of the swelling of minimal force easily lead to cracking of the fatal injuries. (3) then, the water will open not open when put a certain amount of dry tea Tongzhu, dry tea.相关的主题文章: