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The Surface ergonomic keyboard release: other wind – Sohu Microsoft digital yesterday released a variety of hardware products based on Windows Surface 10, including the first AIO machine Surface Studio, new Surface Book…… At the same time, Microsoft also with these devices launched a new Surface peripheral devices, mainly the key mouse. The new release of the Surface key mouse includes three products, they unified gray design, including a mouse, a standard keyboard and a ergonomic keyboard. The appearance of the Surface mouse with the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth mouse is very similar, but the performance can be further improved, the effective control distance up to 50 feet (originally 32 feet), life is 6 months from the previous doubled to 12 months. However, the price of Surface mouse than the Designer mouse rose a lot, to $49.99 (about 340 yuan). Surface keyboard is based on the Designer series the same product design, but to control the distance and the keys were optimized, priced at $129.99 (about 880 yuan). According to the plan, Surface keyboard and mouse are used as Surface Studio machine standard peripherals. For a long time in front of the computer office workers, Microsoft prepared a new Surface ergonomic keyboard for you, its design is similar to the previous Microsoft Sculpt keyboard, but the Surface ergonomic keyboard with digital keypad, equipped with two Win keys, and the new Fn button in the lower left corner. Surface ergonomic keyboard price of $129.99 (about 880 yuan). More than three Surface peripheral devices can now be booked, officially listed in November 10th.相关的主题文章: