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The "Star Trek" issued 3 destroyed’enterprise special colony enemy ship – Sohu’enterprise engine big bang entertainment spectacular somber Kirk think the enemy gun ready scheme Spock handheld phase 2016 of the world’s top Sohu entertainment news production science fiction film "Star Trek: the 3 super stars" will be released in the mainland in September 2nd China shock. Today, the film side released the "destroy’enterprise" featurette, special show spectacular scenes of destruction of the enterprise, the enterprise, and hit the enemy broke through the hive’enterprise engine, causing the spacecraft to lose power, all the players on the verge of death or destruction of life. In addition, the players and the fierce enemy melee action scenes are exposed in the special edition, Spock handheld phase gun and shooting the enemy, Ukraine hulah unarmed uniformed ferocious enemy, are people looking forward to the film in shock action. The colony ships crashed through the magnificent’enterprise explosion highlights the top manufacture standard features a beginning to show a’enterprise suffered tragic scene, colony like the enemy with the suddenness of a thunderbolt to the enterprise, and launched a fierce attack on the ship, make tremendous damage, all the crew on the verge of death or destruction of life. With the enemy to neat queue into the running of the engine, resulting in enterprise instant flameout, smashed the engine debris scattered, ablaze. A strong visual impact and shocking explosion and shortness of the soundtrack, hand rendering tensions ahead, players face a life-and-death matter, on the one hand also highlights the "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" as "the 2016 largest global production of science fiction" excellent effects for level. In the special edition, the director Lin Yibin also revealed that the ruin of the enterprise. The sources of inspiration, he said: "I am 8 years old when he had this idea, I especially want to explore deeply the battleship, the true meaning of his" dismantling "." Producer J-J- Abrams also expressed approval: "early in the story, players will face the challenges of life and death, this is a great thing." Villain? Strong work break the enterprise, "home" destroyed players also show the special challenges facing life and death by the villain? Strong’enterprise scene break work. In the burst of the enterprise, the cabin, the two sides of War confrontation with the red alert everywhere. In the damage, the ship’s villain? To drop from the clouds strong appearance,? Work indicates that aggressive players will encounter a powerful enemy and never experienced the test of life and death. In the episode, who work in Iraq? Drese – Alba said: "the most important symbol of the entire movie was destroyed, and my role involved, I was aware of the importance of this matter." At the beginning of the film after an important sign soon to destroy the "Star Trek" series of enterprising, rely on subtle story to attract the audience, also shows that "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" as "the 2016 largest global production of science fiction" style. For the number of players on the team, destroy the progressive number is unprecedented practice. "Spock" – Zachary Quinto said: "this is very spectacular, very surprising." Scott Simon – Peggy said: "ruined.相关的主题文章: