The Paris crisis the blood uncovering conspiracy warning planes (video) w-inds.

"Paris city" Crisis Alert blood conspiracy "Paris duo Jie" crisis 90s Ultimate Trailer Tencent entertainment news will be released in September 20th by the French anti-terrorism action film "Paris crisis" released today the alert version of ultimate trailer. The explosion, Paris Street shootout occurred in the film let people jittery terrorists, speechmarking masked attack warning, let the whole of Paris in under cover of darkness, the more at stake. The film focuses on the cold by CIA agents and clever thief partner in composition, together to expose and uncovered a conspiracy case story. Darkness enveloped the whole of Paris Terrorist Attack Alert high-energy upgrade in the ultimate notice today exposed in the streets of Paris explosions, gunfire continued, many innocent civilians society turbulent, and the whole city into terrorist attack suspicions, black smoke everywhere, the mayor announced that the city entered the highest defense emergency alert. Drese Iraq’s CIA agent Alba · Sean · Barricr and Richard · Madden’s clever thief Michael · Mason, the police are incompatible both sides, because Michael accidentally involved in a terrorist bomb attack, mistaken for a terrorist was arrested. Through the confrontation, two people understand the terrorist attack behind big secret, so planes together, the exhibition will begin to uncover the entire crisis, behind the conspiracy. Burning after blasting show the audience burst, melee play wonderful fun, exciting fight scenes thrilling chase, and turbulent crowd scenes of the riot play fully and delightfully action one by one, a strong visual impact to the audience the ultimate experience. But the highlight is thrilling action scenes, dazzling fire and smoke indicates the immense, Paris million lives on the line, the crisis triggered at any moment. CIA agent Sean Michael and a thief must be within 24 hours to identify terrorist attack behind the black hand, gradually approaching the countdown, full of suspense story and high-energy reversal tempt the appetite of the audience. Blood hutch staged violent battle both intelligent and courageous "broken" terrorist plot to solution of terrorist attacks crisis breaking solution task falls on the "black and white partner Sean and Michael who. The two faction actor together, the real culprit behind the death time to plot uncovered. But as the investigation in depth step by step, the plot also occurred against the reversal, terrorists wearing masks, the police car was inexplicably held hostage, mysterious tattoo organization clues such as information, revealing the truth behind is not so simple, the whirling plot, the hidden behind the plot ready. · Alba and Richard drese Iran; · Madden strong attack, the relationship between the two sides from the enemy’s planes to battle from the police union, everywhere there is a surprise reversal. Black and white from the contest between good and evil make the story more tension and mystery. Especially the two hot and cold strong soft character comparison, the one responsible for the killing, the one responsible for the super brain, in the face of many circumstances with the tacit understanding, so as to gradually break the mystery behind the plot, let a person see the call. The Paris crisis was introduced by Film Group Corp, China相关的主题文章: