The net exhibition center of Chengdu Century City Planning Department said not to remove the notice remonstrate

The net exhibition center of Chengdu century city planning department to remove the said notice missed Huaxi Dushi Bao (client reporter Luo Qin) what Nan, perennial variety show, engage in engage in anime conventions because the show will sell Chengdu Century City Exhibition Center to open? Today (21) days, the network broke the News quoted informed sources, said the city will be the center of the Convention and exhibition or demolition, which caused public concern. The broke the news that the Century City Convention and Exhibition Center in the planning of the lack of long-term considerations, and the surrounding areas of poor traffic convergence, road density is not enough, every time the exhibition will lead to urban traffic intestinal obstruction". The insider even broke the news, the Century City Convention and Exhibition Center from the date of construction, it has been prepared for the future demolition." There is no evidence is the construction of the underground garage, the pavilion is actually bolted on the flat screw on the steel frame built 9 greenhouses. With its convention and Exhibition functions are gradually replaced by the demolition is sooner or later, in order to get through the traffic flow as soon as possible, to restore the necessary municipal functions, it can be said that the demolition as early as demolition." In this regard, the Century City Exhibition Center of the Chengdu high tech Zone (micro-blog) planning and Construction Bureau responded publicly, said "the current high-tech zone (micro-blog) planning and Construction Bureau has not received the work arrangement", and Century City International Conference Center public relations official responded: "no need to remove the message heard." West China Metropolis Daily reporter learned that, Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, a total investment of 5 billion yuan, opened in 2008, since the operation of the past 8 years. It is reported that Chengdu’s first exhibition center is located in Shawan old Exhibition Center, its function was later replaced in Century City Exhibition center. At present, in addition to the new century exhibition center, Tianfu new area is located in the west of the International Convention and Exhibition Center will be fully completed allegedly. The total area of the exhibition center building of 570 thousand square meters, the exhibition area of 300 thousand square meters, the whole project is divided into eight hall sixteen hall will be built to create international commodity exhibition, International Conference on international business transactions and the "three centers".相关的主题文章: