The National Lottery Center won the World Lottery Association responsibility Lottery two certificati vstart

The National Lottery Center won the World Lottery Association responsibility Lottery two certification – Sohu from November 6th to 9, the 2016 World Lottery Association annual meeting held in singapore. The National Lottery Center representatives attended the meeting, and was awarded the World Lottery Association work responsibility Lottery two certificate. 2016 annual meeting of the World Lottery Association theme " win in the new world – to meet the challenge, the courage to change ". The meeting focus on technology innovation, innovation, management, responsibility for the rich theme lottery keynote speech topic and share, in addition to the delegates from the lottery institutions all over the world in various fields including supplier representatives, diplomats, scholars, and the space station commander for a total of more than 1 thousand people attended the meeting, and carried out extensive exchanges and the discussion around the theme of the meeting. One of the important agenda of the meeting, is to get the World Lottery Association of the responsibility for the work of the lottery certification certificate issued by the lottery. The role and purpose of the certification is to regulate the daily operation of the members of the association, in order to achieve the effect of lottery control. The national lottery center to take practical action to practice social responsibility, practice constantly combing and improve responsibility construction work through the lottery, lottery World Lottery Association responsibility level two certification. At this meeting, Mr. Bodart, chairman of the World Lottery Association personally to the National Lottery Center representatives issued a certificate of two lottery responsibility. This is not only the result of China’s sports lottery as a national public welfare lottery, but also for the future to further promote the construction of the sports lottery responsibility lottery has laid a good foundation. In addition, during the meeting, the National Lottery Center for sports lottery lottery operations management limited also joined the international lottery supervision association. The main purpose of the association is to monitor the integrity of the world of sports betting, efforts to combat illegal betting behavior. Next, the national lottery center with the lottery agencies around the world, and jointly promote the development of anti soccer gambling of anti money laundering, and provide reliable guarantee for the stable operation of lottery games integrity.相关的主题文章: