The Myth Of Passive Income And Internet

UnCategorized Once upon a time, just yesterday in fact, a whole lot of folks dreamed a dream they were certain would come true, if only they could find the right key, the secret or even the much touted internet marketing blueprint that would finally reveal the hidden system that would make gobs of money for the owner on the internet. And best of all, this system would be step-by-step, it would be foolproof and you would just set it and forget it, no more work required. Oh and by the way, this passive income system would be very, very cheap to purchase, maybe even free! Ok, you can wake up now. Needless to say, no such system exists. In spite of all the internet marketing and passive income hoopla out there, there is no hidden system for making money on the internet. But don’t worry! There is plenty of opportunity for making a great income using the internet, but that opportunity doesn’t reside inside some secret system, it resides in sticking to the basics of internet marketing: One: Pick your niche. Choose a niche you are passionate about and ideally one in which you have some personal expertise. While you can always partner with someone who has expertise, you can’t borrow passion. Your enthusiasm for your niche will sustain you when things get challenging, as they inevitably will. Two: Identify a burning problem that you can solve and that other people are already having some success selling to that same market. Many would-be online business owners mistakenly believe they have to be first to market with their idea. This is a big mistake (unless you are Apple!) Research your market to make sure there is some competition, then look to see how you can improve on other’s existing products and ideas. Three: Make sure you can reach your target market. It’s fine to want to sell things to lovers of vanilla ice cream. After all, there are hordes of people who choose vanilla as their very favorite ice cream flavor. But can you reach them? Do they congregate in forums or have their own magazines or conventions? If the answer is no, as it is with vanilla ice cream lovers, then better to find another target market that can be reached, rather than wasting precious time and resources developing a product for them. Four: Be sure your target customers can afford what you are offering. This is similar to number three above. It’s very noble to want to offer coaching available to people who have lost their jobs, but they are very unlikely to be able to purchase what you are offering. Make your money in some other way and if you still have a strong desire to serve this population, then offer some of your services to this niche pro bono. Five: Present your offer in a compelling way. You can have a great niche with a burning problem that only you can solve and a way to reach them, but if your offer is structured poorly or you don’t know how to present it, then your business will fail. Study the basics of copywriting and email marketing and put proven elements into the structure of your offer. Six: Track and test your results and strive for constant improvement. Once you have an offer that converts, don’t just be content with what you are making. Put up a second sales page and vary your offer by methodically testing price, headlines, guarantee and so forth. Constantly strive to improve. If there is a secret in internet marketing, this is it! There is plenty of opportunity to build a success online business that generates a healthy income for you. But staying asleep dreaming the dream of some secret system doing all the work for you won’t get you where you want to go. Once your systems are up and running, yes, your income will be somewhat passive, but those systems will always require an input of energy, yours or your employees or outsourced assistants. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can have an instant internet business that produces passive income on demand without any work, because it simply is not true. But if you are willing to learn and then put into place a methodical, proven set of steps that implement the basics of sound internet marketing, you will be well on your way toward success. Sweet dreams! About the Author: There are many ways to succeed online but building your list is one of the first things you should do, as emailing people who know, like and trust you is the best way to both give value to your list and to make money on the internet. Discover how you can build your list by claiming your FREE copy of Ellen Britt’s Zen and the Art of Email Listbuilding at Article Published On: – – – 相关的主题文章: