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UnCategorized Jean Amador is Amador Whittle Architects Founder. Amador Whittle Architects, Inc. offers exceptional service to public and private clients. Projects types include educational, libraries, recreational, child development centers, ecclesiastical, .mercial, administrative, multi-family housing, tele.munications, and military facilities. Since the firm was established in 1992.Jean Amador, AIA and staff have provided quality programming, planning, project management, design, and construction administration services. Jean Amador strongly believes that, Fight for the Kings, queens, bishops, but throw away the pawns. A habit of graceful surrenders on trivial issues will make you difficult to resist when you stand and fight for major once. Frank Amador is Public Links Golf Association of Southern California President. The Public Links Golf Association of Southern California was established in 1931 when several golfers got together and formed the PLGA. These golfers played primarily at public golf courses and wanted to separate themselves from the "private country club" type of golf. They established this association for the benefit of the public golfer who did not have the financial resources to belong to a private country club. Today PLGA is 170 clubs strong with over 25,000 members with correspondences to lead initiatives taken up by Frank Amador and team. With the hard work endurances shown by Frank Amador and team they have now staffed office to help with any information that is needed from the simplest to the most .plex golfing decision. According to Frank Amador and the team the purpose, as in the past, of the association is to provide for our members a friendly atmosphere and an array of tournaments and services for the beginning to the most experienced golfer. Frank Amador strongly follows the principle, Leadership is like moving a string, you cannot move it by pushing from behind; what you have to do is to get ahead and pull. With these high moral obligations of Frank Amador and team PLGA is now being one of only two men associations authorized to issue USGA approved indexes Mahatma Gandhi has said, You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Rightly justified by the above quote is Justin Amador KGMB9 Producer – KGMB9 studios. Justin Amador believes in the principle,One Man Makes the Difference the Leader.Bended with the above principle Justin Amador always strive for work excellence and helps fostering firms goal and objectives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: