The Mentougou Longyan temple tower building that Yuan cover – Beijing

The Mentougou Longyan temple tower building cover – found Yuan Beijing newspaper news (correspondent Jia Yanying Shi Lei) recently, Mentougou District of Longyan Wang Ping temple ruins in the rescue and repair process, on the site of a Yuan Dynasty unearthed stone cover. The building cover unearthed provides new materials for the study of Yuan Dynasty Buddhism tower shape feature. The area of the cultural relics department, Longyan Temple site is located in Mentougou Lu Ping Zhen Wang Jia Po Cun, Longyan temple was built no later than the yuan dynasty. The discovery of the building cover for the Guta building body and building top connection objects, its shape is eight edged, 18 cm high, 57 cm in diameter, with a groove bottom for sheathed building body. Building cover each side 27 cm long, line carved drapery and circular flower, the flower diameter of 6 cm, the corner stone carving ring, the vertical belt is wound around the ring in a knot. It is worth mentioning that one side also carefully carved fairy riding patterns, the immortals with ribbons swaying in the wind, the horse was run, dynamic. Cultural relics management relevant responsible person said that the original Longyan temple ruins of a tower blocks, eight stone tower prismatic building, building height of 1.02 meters, 0.33 meters in diameter. The newly discovered building cover for the building body is sheathed at the top of things, should also be identified for the old.相关的主题文章: