The man to help a friend to drive home by more than and 20 men beaten – Sohu hailed the

The man to help a friend to drive home by more than and 20 men beaten – hailed Sohu news incident Panyu District Xi Li Lu and West Road junction, the police have been involved in the investigation of Express News reporter Peng Cheng Wang Lvbin reported this to help a friend to drive home, but by a group of unidentified man beaten on the way, the car was robbed. Fortunately, enthusiastic public alarm after the police rushed to the scene, the hit man can only give up to grab the car fled. On September 19th at 2:30 in the morning, this scene took place in Guangzhou city and West Panyu District Xi Li Lu Road junction, Mr. Zhou was beaten public body with multiple injuries. He said he did not know the gang hit, I hope the police will be brought to justice as soon as possible suspects. The strange man stopped by the victim asked to hand over the car keys yesterday, the express reporter interviewed Mr. Zhou just discharged at the scene. According to Mr. Zhou recalled, September 19th at 2 am, he received a friend call, he said his car parked in Panyu Silver Art Hotel, people have gone, and asked if I could help him to drive home". Mr. Zhou and the owner of the relationship is very good, thought that the other party may drink wine, he lived not far, so decided to help in the past. On the same day at about 2:30, Mr. Zhou isdriving friends a brown Tiguan SUV, 1 kilometers from the south to the Silver Art Hotel, Xi Li Lu and West Road junction at the red light, suddenly there are three or four strange men ran to the front, not to stop the car go, then a white car is also open to Mr. Zhou behind the car went under several strange men. At that time they had to shoot me to get off my car, I would like to go down to ask what the matter, as soon as they get out of the car I want to turn over the car keys." Mr. Zhou said that he was the first reaction was to grab the car party, then pulled the car keys, quickly ran across the road. Fortunately, the more than and 20 men rushed to the police rushed to the police after I cross the road immediately to call the owner, asked him what happened, he said he did not know this group of people." Mr. Zhou said, at this time, the scene has come to a few cars, the car went down more than a dozen people, someone holding a pipe. "There are at least 20 people in the other side". Mr. Zhou still refused to hand over the car keys, but also ran to the traffic lights below the camera, the other immediately catch up, pulled him to the surveillance video can not beat the dozen minutes. Zhou told the new express reporter, he was lying on the ground, his face is blood, the other side of the car from his pocket to touch the car keys, intends to drive away. At this time, a police car arrived at the scene immediately after seeing the batterer fled. Mr. Zhou said, there should be a timely warning of the passing of the people, to be able to keep a friend of this car. Yesterday, the new express reporter learned from the Panyu police, the local police have been involved in the investigation, with the victim to the relevant units to do injury identification, the police will do further investigation of the incident.相关的主题文章: