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The man aventure female friends open house 5 minutes "husband" to the (map) on the evening of 18, a Jingmen man Lu Duodao received information sent to a young female netizen, claimed to have no place to live. He went to the "emergency" fell into the other Xian rentiao is blackmail and impose exactions on trap. 18 evening, at about 10 o’clock, the city police detachment Police Brigade Zhang Yong, Wang Tianli is leading the 6 auxiliary police patrol the streets in the vicinity of the city of Victoria, the city of. At this time, to pass the 110 command center alarm: someone near the Baiyun Avenue Cultural Palace of blackmail and impose exactions on a hotel door. Police arrived at the scene and saw two men and a woman with another middle-aged man pulled together. Police stepped forward to separate the two sides to control the situation. Alarm middle-aged man Lu told police that he suffered Xian rentiao is blackmail each other. In a way, he last met a Nvwang Hemou (19 years old), with two figures. At about 9 o’clock that night, he suddenly received a phone call, the other said there is no place to live, very lonely, I hope he can accompany her to open a room. So, he came to a palace near the Cultural Palace opened a room. Two people can enter the room only for 5 minutes, the door will open the door of the three young men, claiming to be Hemou husband and cousin, asked him: "how to solve this problem?" He was trying to blackmail him. He took the opportunity to run out of the hotel alarm, and stopped a taxi to leave, but was stopped. After the police investigation, three young people (both of whom are 21 years old, one of whom fled before the arrival of the police) and Hemou without any blood relationship, not Hemou husband and cousin, they just know the Internet friends. At the same time, Hemou admitted that he called the other party. At present, the police suspected the three blackmail and impose exactions on the transfer to the Dongbao Public Security Bureau police station to escape the spring mouth, young liaomou, urge the police to surrender, the case is being further processed. (reporter Yang Kui) men and women friends to open the room to the room after being robbed more than men相关的主题文章: