The mainland box office 3 Star Trek won the market downturn jiqingwuyuetian

The mainland box office: "Star Trek" won the 3 market downturn "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" Sina entertainment news last week, the mainland box office announced this week ushered in this year’s downturn, although there are "nine lives", "beach" and other foreign language film shark joined the competition ranks. But the single day box office has fallen below 40 million, less than 400 million weeks at the box office. Among them, high concept sci-fi action film "Star Trek" 3 to 151 million won the championship, the final 400 million is expected, while the "Thriller" shark beach comedy "nine lives", 56 million 200 thousand, 54 million 800 thousand respectively.   table 1: Mainland box office charts (unit: million) (September 5, 2016 -9 11) ranking Title matches week at the box office (million) people (million) cumulative box office 1 "Star Trek 3:" 1514942.26 436.30358492 "beyond the stars" shark beach 562013.59 175.6556203 "nine lives" 547912.63 198.3354794 "ice age: 5" 284913.65 90.37428195 "star collision parasyte" 203211.29 75.0745526 5 "19109.46 58.73444107" Bourne "our ten years" 147210.87 "50.6839528" 9764.22 "32.99604449 Apostles’ magic teacher" 6525.81 24.7965210 "McDull, rice treasure Raiders" 17.06468 note: 4683.38 this form of data from "China movie" Administrative micro-blog us: "Star Trek" won the 3, "our ten years" to 45 million the first half of September is the cold period in the film market, after all, in the summer and the national archives, and the students also ended the holiday back to campus. This week, the mainland market has also ushered in the freezing point of the year, single day box office dropped to below 40 million, the film also have high diving, Zhou Guanjun "Star Trek 3" seven days only 150 million, while the new film "shark Beach", "nine lives" the total is only about 110 million, many more Chinese films is reduced to the foil market. The "Star Trek" released in 3 at second weeks will inevitably encounter the diving, the mainland audience more has not formed "fans" a large group of fans, and the overall quality of the film is not particularly prominent, it is difficult to attract the audience to the second viewing, and in the second weeks fell more than 20% at present, with a total of 358 million and a single day at the box office, I’m afraid the final results will be around 400 million. The same period of the release of the Japanese film parasitic beast is about 20 million of the results ranked in the top fifth, a total of 45 million 520 thousand, flat light. "Ice age 5", released on the same day相关的主题文章: