The lie series of native IP classic lovers make lies sincerity regression and entertainment Sohu

The lie series of native IP classic "lovers make lies" sincerity regression – Sohu entertainment reputation list (WeChat ID:yingshikoubei): in recent years, the TV drama market has entered the "only IP" on time, on television will talk about IP, IP super IP has spread, according to IP adapted from the TV drama has occupied the market leading. In this market environment, the real focus on creating, hatching original IP team is particularly valuable. In this "content is king" era, a good IP is to make out, form their own brand, and with a series of forms have been developed, which shows in the market and the audience’s acceptance. From Zhejiang to build Jinxi film "lie" series is a brand from the original IP and IP development, and become the metropolis emotion play become an independent school type of drama. "Lie" series into fine native IP, warm heart lies beneath main called "lie" series, but to pass the truth, to the heart warming story from the positive energy, "the wife of" love "to lie lie", from "father and daughter" to "Brotherhood", "lie" series always warm to the truth. As a "lie" series of the first film, "my wife" lies in the March 2015 landing Hunan TV prime time, the highest ratings up to 4.47%, the 50 city ratings also reached 2.38%, compared with 2014 average increase 26%, broadcast time long entrenched ratings champion. Have to say, the drama broadcast set off a heart warming trend, in 2015 the only ratings break 2 drama, the network search index ranked first, cultivate a large number of loyal fans, has an excellent foundation for the "lie" series of TV play. It’s like a netizen’s comment, "which swept through the television and Internet platforms throughout the spring of 2015". IP second lies "love lies" before the continuation of the essence of music, in February 2016 in Zhejiang satellite TV, network synchronization broadcast, LETV month player won the championship, micro-blog active fans more than 40 thousand, micro-blog read the topic 250 million, Baidu Search Ranking ranked fifth, far higher than the same tv. A success based on the "lie" series accumulated a broad audience base of loyal, and this a "love lies" also made the long-awaited fans hooked, and gained praise from the audience. This plan from the planning stage attracted the attention of all parties to further establish the "lie" series of native IP in the market and the status of the audience. In the network during the linkage, the lover’s lies, increasing the amount of clicks, the total exceeded 1 billion 400 million times. Based on the series "lie" with other people the most common but also the most touching feeling between father and daughter love, brotherly affection, love, friendship bestie lovers…… The story of ups and downs, is the "lies" about the fate of the heroine and tortuous emotion, and to which sees his own shadow, reflect on their own will choose between the same affection, love and friendship. And in the warm heart and return to the theme of the family, mainly from the perspective of women, love 1相关的主题文章: