The Leprechauns Coins-tataufo

Games Get ready to enjoy one more brainchild by the creators of a striking Pinkypop trilogy! The Leprechaun’s Coins is a new online difference game that offers you awesome locations and likeable graphics. The gameplay is based on the story that once upon a time took place on St. Patrick’s Day – a traditional Irish holiday – well known not only in Ireland but all over the world among Irish offsprings. The heroes decided to try their destiny searching for a mythological lucky shamrock – a plant that according to a popular superstition is supposed to bring good luck to its finder… Besides of a regular task of spotting the differences in this free online game , the authors set up new challenges – for example, collecting mosaic of a split picture. It’s necessary to keep moving the elements of the image until the original one shows up. The time of completing the level is controled by a descending shamrock that goes down and finally stops if you linger too much. The game also features the possibility of playing during the daytime and at night, however, the player may do both things in consecutive order. The graphics and locations deserve to be described separately. At first the heroes of the online game are located in Central Park where Margo walks her puppy named Smokey, later they move further to the woods outside the City, climb the rocks, contemplate a rainbow and constellations in the sky… The graphics of The Leprechaun’s Coins as well as the previous difference games by these authors hark back to a naive child style, hyperbolized emotions and dramatically bright expressive colors. A player of The Leprechaun’s coins together with the protagonists is invited to share their experience and spot the differences between the images, including finding lucky shamrocks with four leaves! You think that’s impossible, huh?.. There’s nothing impossible playing online games, even a sudden encounter with a greedy Leprechaun hiding his gold coins sounds more than real! The adventures of Margo and Smokey go on, so keep following them and enjoying all the delights and fascination of online difference games . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: