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Business Are you having a hard time picking out the best and the hottest packaging for your CDs and DVDs? Thanks to the latest media packaging technology today, you have many options to consider with regard not only to the design but the materials used as well. Types of Materials Used for Media Packaging When you’re choosing materials for your CD or DVD packaging, consider durability and usability. Jewel Cases These are the most .monly used type of media packaging since the early 1980’s. They are fairly affordable although there are certainly other types that cost less. These 3-piece casings are made of hard plastic capable of protecting your discs from accidental scratches or even from falling out, thanks to their easy-to-use locking mechanism. Slimline Cases These are just like jewel cases, only thinner and naturally more affordable. They are ideal if you are looking for media packaging that will save as much space as possible. Multi-Disc Cases These are made from a .bination of plastic and glass and able to contain two to six CDs or DVDs. They are best used when it’s especially important to have your discs given or considered as a set or collection. Naturally, the number of discs they’re able to contain make them costlier. One more downside to using multi-disc cases is that even though you are packing multiple discs, you can only use one front and back cover for the entire set. Clam Shell Cases These are similar to slimline cases in the sense that they don’t are space-saving and durable. They also .e in a variety of colors. They are, however, made entirely of plastic and thus are not transparent enough to warrant the use of holographic and other highly visual designs for their front or back covers. Paper Sleeves Paper sleeves may keep your CDs and DVDs from being scratched, but they are not capable of preventing them from falling out nor are they waterproof. On the plus side, they’re the most affordable packaging of all and recyclable. If you want to go green with your packaging, this is what youre looking for. Only when you’ve selected the appropriate material for your packaging should you consider the actual design next. It can be purely based on text, graphic, or even both. For graphics, you can have them monochromatic or in color. They can also have a hologram or other kinds of 3D and special visual effects. Whats important is the message it delivers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: