The Commission intends to Hong Kong this season with the mainland for the second quarter review of

The Commission intends to Hong Kong this season with the mainland for the second quarter review of mutual fund push fast approval system Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong level2 market through Sina Financial News Agency’s February 5th message, according to the Hongkong Economic Daily reported, the first round of mutual fund products out more than a month, the Commission investment products department executive director Liang Fengyi said, in the first quarter and the Commission meeting, review the situation of mutual fund operation early, including rationalizing ETF sales, but for the industry expected to relax, the mainland sales accounted for the total assets ratio limit of 50%, she suggested that short-term release is unlikely. Mainland Hongkong sales scale ratio is difficult to broaden, Liang Fengyi pointed out that mutual recognition of the fund does not want the Hongkong fund industry only for the mainland to promote products, the industry needs to explain the rationale for relaxing the 50% cross-border sales cap. When Liang Fengyi attended the media luncheon yesterday, he looks forward to the relevant work of the CSRC in the fund this year. In the second quarter, the Commission will formally launch the "quick track" system of the approval fund, and issue guidelines to improve liquidity risk management, in order to prevent liquidity problems when the fund meets a large number of redemptions in the volatility market. For the second quarter of the examination and approval of "fast track" push the mainland system since December last year, Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission approved the first round of simultaneous mutual recognition of products, only after the growth rate was significantly difference in the wild, the Commission has only approved 3 Hongkong fund for sales. Even the Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission has approved 24 mainland south fund sales, but so far only about 6 Fund officially on sale. Liang Fengyi said, after the approval of the sale when the fund company’s business decisions, said the current market conditions unfavorable fund company to sell, but think hard with the mutual recognition of the number of investment funds, to evaluate the performance of the initial sales. She also added that the North China fund was approved by the CSRC, and that mutual recognition funds were coming. From the recent Shanghai, Hong Kong and Hong Kong, QDII performance, the mainland investors also showed the demand for the allocation of overseas assets. Mutual fund, Liang Fengyi pointed out that last year, A shares during the stock market crash, a large number of A shares how to stop the transaction, the Commission had asked the fund to invest in the mainland account processing daily subscription and redemption fund, although not halted redemptions, but believe that operating conditions vary, do not want to suddenly face a lot of fund redemption, "which is only sold to sell which, leaving only illiquid assets, unfair to the rest of the investors". Liang Fengyi said, is asking the industry to make large redemption benchmarks, including how to calculate the fair value, emphasizes not only for the A shares related risk, said international regulators to enhance the ability of the fund to deal with the liquidity risk, the Commission is expected to be issued the relevant guidelines in the second quarter. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

港证监会拟本季与内地检讨基金互认 盼次季推审批快轨制 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪财经讯 2月5日消息,据香港经济日报报道,首轮基金互认产品批出逾一个月,证监会投资产品部执行董事梁凤仪透露,第一季内将与中证监开会,检讨基金互认初期运作的情况,包括理顺ETF销售情况,但对于有业界期望放宽,内地销售占总资产规模比率上限50%,她暗示短期放行机会不大。   内地香港销售规模比率难宽   梁凤仪指出,基金互认并不希望香港基金界只为内地促生产品,业界需要解释放宽50%跨境销售上限的理据。   上任近一年的梁凤仪昨出席传媒午宴时,展望今年证监会在基金的相关工作。证监会拟于第二季,正式推出审批基金的“快轨”制,并发出指引要求基金完善流动性风险管理,以防基金在波动市时遇上大量赎回时,出现流动性问题。   盼次季推审批“快轨”制   内地香港证监会自去年12月同步批出首轮互认产品,惟其后发展速度明显有差野,中证监迄今只批出3只香港基金北上销售。即便香港证监会先后批出24家内地基金南下销售,但迄今只有约6家基金正式开卖。   梁凤仪称,审批后何时开售是基金公司的商业决定,坦言现时市况不利基金公司推销,但认为难凭互认基金数目、销售额去评价初期表现。她也补充,北上基金由中证监按程序审批,相信互认基金陆续有来,从近来沪港通、QDII表现,也显示内地投资者对配置海外资产有需求。   基金互认以外,梁凤仪特别指出,去年A股股灾期间,大量A股停止交易,证监会曾要求投资内地的基金每日交代如何处理申购、赎回,虽没有基金叫停赎回,但认为当中操作情况参差,不希望基金突然面对大量赎回时,“卖到哪只就卖哪一只,只留下不流动的资产,对余下的投资者不公平”。   梁凤仪称,正要求业界制定处理大额赎回的基准,包括如何计算当中公允价值,强调并非只针对A股相关风险,称国际监管机构都研究提升基金应对流动性风险的能力,证监会正期望可于第二季内发出相关指引。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: