The British life to join the Olympic champion open Xingxingdiandeng Hubei Railway Station winlinez

The British life to join the Olympic champion open Xingxingdiandeng Olympic table tennis champion Chen Qi Hubei Railway Station and children learn skills of Phoenix public hearing on October 27th, the British life to join the Olympic table tennis champion Chen Qi, open Xingxingdiandeng – care left-behind children welfare plan "," table tennis with your line of Hubei Railway Station "event was held in Xiaogan Xiaochang County Zou Gang Zhen Central Primary school. Xiaogan city finance office director Zhang Yingping, the Insurance Association of Xiaogan City Han Jun, Secretary General of the Xiaochang county leaders invited to attend the Zou Gang Zhen, Xiaogan Xiaochang County Zou Gang Zhen Central Primary School, Huangshi Liu Ren eight Town Central Primary School, Jingzhou City, Songzi town Taizishan Xizhai primary school on behalf of Left-behind children and teachers to participate in activities at the same time attracted many British customers and the community of caring people actively participate in. The activities of the ceremony, the young pioneers for the guests wearing a bright red scarf to express thanks, Hubei COFCO branch Li Jiancheng general manager and three primary school donated supplies of love. Xingxingdiandeng caring Ambassador Olympic table tennis champion, Chen Qi came to the children to send blessings, encourage them to use a positive attitude to overcome the difficulties encountered in life, and on the stage with the representative of left-behind children learn skills, teacher. 12 three school pong guests to the fierce competition and in the awards, the community of caring people, the team of volunteers and school students have their wonderful performances, the scene applause. Hubei COFCO branch general manager Li Jiancheng three school love supplies donated all the guests, on behalf of left-behind children and volunteers on the photo activity after the ceremony, Chen Qi visited the school leaders and guests love hut, and face to face in the table tennis room and the children, the children show skills and presented signature racket, atmosphere warmly. The Olympic champion Chen Qi to teach children skills for seven consecutive years, Hubei COFCO company as the three primary school in Xiaogan, Huangshi, Jingzhou and raised love cottage supplementary books, stationery and other goods of love. 26, Hubei branch staff representatives of a volunteer team to teach primary school in Zou Gang, with carefully prepared colorful courses to enrich children’s classroom, let the children feel happy and accompany. Xingxingdiandeng – table tennis with you to a small table to build a bridge connecting the table tennis star, volunteers and left-behind children, with indomitable struggle, solidarity, the spirit of sports, the spirit of love, from the multi angle to motivate them, they lit the stars light, to illuminate the soul. Volunteers for the children to taste all kinds of course sparks of fire can start a prairie fire, the British life adhering to the "love of 10000" corporate vision, to take practical action to continue the practice of social responsibility, and constantly enrich the spiritual life of left-behind children, let them feel the warmth of love, physical and mental health as long.相关的主题文章: