The ageing rain fall of police emergency arrangements for workers-dataload

The ageing rain fall and arrange the police emergency workers Yangzi Evening News (reporter Mei Jianming) the morning of October 27th, Nanjing is still under heavy rain, in five Tong Village Nanjing Gulou District 72 building walls, a row along the wall installing iron chimney, due to a long time ago, in the continuous rain, the corrosion of components of aging, the heavy rain was "torture", there are two parts of chimney pipe fell down, but fortunately the rain less pedestrian, no injury to people, but many crooked crumbling pipeline section, very dangerous. After the public saw, the police rushed to the police, rushed to the scene, pulled up the warning line, and found the owners and workers of the building, the chimney was demolished in the rain. It was raining, it installed in the building facades on the chimney cut off two to the ground, there are a few cut and fell on the wall, staggered hanging at the top, at the risk of falling. The owner of a nearby shop, after seeing, worried about hurting the pedestrians below, hastened to call the police. After the police arrived, surrounded by cordoned off, due to the next line, the police also notified the power sector. At the same time, the owner of the five Tang Village food market was also found to study how to remove the chimney which was to fall. Because it has been raining, after some contact, the police and the owners find two young professional construction workers. The workers brought safety rope, went upstairs in the rain, lifted the safety rope from the upstairs, and went down to the outside wall to demolish the chimney. Due to the difficulty of construction, until noon, two workers will be suspended outside the wall of the chimney removed, and safe hanging to the ground. According to nearby residents, the chimney is before the hotel opened to the left, then the hotel is not open, but did not tear down the chimney, so there was the danger of ageing. And the owners of the building also said that after the clear weather, the old chimney will be a safety check.

烟囱年久老化下雨坠落 民警紧急安排工人除险   扬子晚报讯(记者 梅建明)10月27日上午,南京依然下着大雨,在南京鼓楼区五塘新村72栋的外墙上,一排顺着墙体安装的铁质烟囱,疑因年代较久,在持续大雨中,锈蚀的部件老化,不堪大雨的“折磨”,烟囱有两截管道掉了下来,所幸雨天行人少,没有伤到人,但歪倒的多截管道摇摇欲坠,非常危险。有市民看到后赶紧报警,民警赶到现场,拉起警戒线,并找来该栋楼的业主和工人,冒雨将烟囱拆除了。   当时天正下着大雨,这处安装在楼房外墙上的烟囱掉了两截到地面上,还有几截歪倒在外墙上,摇摇晃晃地悬在上面,随时有掉落的危险。附近一家小店的老板看到后,因担心会伤到下面的行人,赶紧报警。民警赶来后,在周围拉起了警戒线,因旁边还有电线,民警又通知了供电部门。同时,还找来该楼的业主五塘新村菜场的负责人,一起研究怎么把要掉下的烟囱拆除。   由于一直下雨,经过一番联系,民警和业主找来两名专业进行外墙施工的工人。由工人带来安全绳,冒雨上楼,从楼上悬下安全绳,下到外墙处拆除烟囱。由于施工比较困难,一直干到中午,两名工人才将悬在墙外面的烟囱拆掉,并安全吊至地面。据附近的居民介绍,这个烟囱是以前开饭店的留下来的,后来饭店不开了,但烟囱却没有拆掉,年久老化才出现这样的危险。而楼宇的业主也表示,等天晴以后,将对周围老旧烟囱进行一次安全检查。相关的主题文章: