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The "5" for two consecutive days at the box office topped the Alicia strength ring powder "the Bourne 5" action special exposure Matt & #183; Damon fighting perfect interpretation of Jason & #183; the return of Bourne Tencent entertainment news by universal pictures produced, directed by Glass Green, Paul · Matt · Damon ·, Alicia Vikander, Tommy · Jones, Li; · Julie · Stiles co starring action movie "the Bourne 5" on August 23rd at the national release, the box office and word of mouth double rising. Released in the working days under the condition of less than two days at the box office has billions of dollars, and get high reputation. Fans said: "owe" Bourne "ten years is also finally on movie tickets." Many critics called "the Bourne 5" very interesting!" "The Bourne 5" box office high acclaim Matt · Damon · Bourne Jason return peak reproduction; "the Bourne 5" released in August 23rd the same day they won over 70 million at the box office, and for two consecutive days in the box office and the first row piece, full of momentum. "The Bourne 5" to the ups and downs of the story, all praise harvest wonderful interpretation of sharp stimulus action scenes and the all star team, the film is currently in the mainstream media on the basic ticketing website and get more than a score of 8. "The biggest thing Bourne 5" is Matt · and Paul · Damon; Green Glass once again teamed up to top secret agent Jason · Bourne return again. The Department of the new series still show director Paul powerful storytelling and rhythm to control, but also let the audience see the peak of perfect return of Jason · Bourne – full energy action to divert attention. Industry renowned film critic Zhou Liming said the film is the best rhythm and editing, dynamic. In the car chase scene is also known as the "top level", one critic said: "the Bourne 5" is still one of the best commercial film this year, especially the opening of Greek street riots, rhythm and scheduling are perfect as general textbooks." Alicia · Vikander power ring powder movie ending detonated users guess in addition to Bourne’s return, Alicia · Vikander · as the CIA analyst Heather ace; Li also won favorable comments from fans. Heather · Li is "the Bourne 5" in the new stage of female role, played with a high IQ EQ, has set up the principle and the strength of ring powder overweeningly ambitious. Heather · Lee film on behalf of the new agents in the information age, modern science and technology have advanced, and served as a control role in action. There are fans said: "Alicia is a very good actor, Heather · Li Quancheng not a coquettish, but she stood in front of the computer to control the appearance is really sexy." As the film launched an important woman.相关的主题文章: