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The 3 anniversary of the implementation of   tourism law; eleven why more still is a low price mess — Hainan windows — in October 2013 the implementation of the tourism law stipulates that travel agencies not to organize tours unreasonably low prices, lured tourists, and by arranging shopping or surcharge tourism projects get kickbacks and etc. legitimate interests. In three years, especially during the holidays, all are out to rectify Lowballing travel chaos. However, the "eleven" during the golden week, Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter in Beijing, Fujian, Jiangxi and other tourist attractions survey found that there are still a lot of people under the guise of unreasonable price continue to operate advance secretly by an unknown path, group, disguised forced tourists shopping. Don’t leave scare tourists shopping, "Ming Dynasty Tombs too Chi" and "eleven" period, the reporter found that in many interviews, low-cost travel repeated. In Beijing, the Great Wall VIP line day tour is $240 per person, the reporter spent only $100 to participate in a one-day tour". In Fujian, the 4 reporters on-line registration at the 2 day tour of Wuyishan individual groups, the price of 448 yuan, indicating all expenses package food, shelter, etc.. Guide to reporters calculations, the entire trip cost more than 585 yuan, however, a number of travel agencies to provide the package ticket, eat, live and tour guides throughout the entire line is only $400 to $200. In Jiangsu, Kang Hui Chinese launched by the Suzhou international travel agency as long as 398 yuan a 6 day tour of Fujian, not only to eat, live, row, and commitment to scenic spots and tickets also give the value of 455 yuan. Reporters found that experience, which is lower than the cost price a lot of mess. ? false propaganda to attract guests. The reporter saw in Beijing, Xidan, Tiananmen square, Wangfujing and other places, some people openly distributed "tour" of small ads, at the price of 50 yuan to 150 yuan Lanke group. Top printed with "Beijing tourism hub" Chinese international travel service "and" China Youth Travel Service ", appears to be very formal. The reporter through a marked "travel" small advertisement application s the Great Wall tour 5 days. The tour guide, but said he is actually a "Manhattan Acer travel agency". A coke guide said: "you are really a joke, you believe that small ads ah? Do not exaggerate propaganda, how can you sign up?" ? forced shopping rebate. In the the Great Wall tour, the tour guide Ming Dynasty Tombs attractions in less than 1 minutes, a sudden turn, stretching from Ming Dynasty Tombs to the underground palace of the jade, continue to give visitors indoctrination uses and benefits of jade, then asked the visitors walk around the three area of jade city to receive coupons to, or do not eat. 2 day tour of Wuyishan, tour guide after the second half began to speed up the play rhythm, said some of the attractions of "not worth" and hastily skip, there are two scenic spots directly to give up, eventually make the whole afternoon let you shopping. "You are a group, so shopping is more important. Anyway, the car drove away, you can’t go anywhere." Tour guide said. Finally, there are two tourists to buy)相关的主题文章: