Tang Baiyu intends to be the party secretary of Hunan provincial Civil Affairs Department, deputy di christie stevens

Tang Baiyu to be appointed party secretary, Hunan provincial Civil Affairs Department deputy director Changsha Red Net News October 31st (time news reporter Zhang Guiqi) in order to strengthen the supervision of cadres work, improve the accuracy of recognition and the appointment of cadres, today, the Hunan provincial Party Committee Organization Department issued a notice to be served for the Provincial Standing Committee meeting decided to study the former publicity: welcome to the cadres and the masses and to report the situation and problems candidates ideological style, moral quality, work ability, honest and diligent, etc.. Informants can report by letter, telephone, network, or to report to the report. In order to facilitate the understanding of the situation, please sign or tell me the real name and work unit. The reported problems must be true and accurate, as far as possible the specific details of the content, and as far as possible to provide clues to the investigation and verification. Prohibited the opportunity to slander and false accusation series. Informants will be subject to strict protection. Time: November 1, 2016 to November 7, 2016 acceptance report report accepting unit: Hunan provincial Party Committee Organization Department of cadre supervision and reporting center location: provincial compound in an office building special report Tel: 0731-12380; 17773112380 (only accepts the message report) report: Post encoding: 410011.相关的主题文章: