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Taiwan media: Green parties will stand above all towards the new political and economic news China worrying – Sohu Taiwan network February 15th news Taiwan area Spring Festival 9 days off to end today, Tainan wingain building collapse site search and rescue is completed, the earthquake disaster relief and rehabilitation into the accountability stage. "Taiwan Chinese times" commented that the heaven is heartless, the world is love, Taiwan eyes almost all of the rescue phase locking Nantai earthquake, each at the scene of the rescue, medical personnel and volunteers are admiration. However, the world will not stop because of our disaster, the outside is still changing, and affect you, my destiny. The horse by stable cross-strait relations opened flexible diplomacy in the new administration, eyes like? Nothing, green towards the upstart that acknowledged the "constitutional system" is the biggest concession, the "92 consensus" is a bargaining chip, the partisan positions above international thinking, fear will soon face a severe test. The article points out that it may be an appropriate time, let us turn to Taiwan around, look at the situation in the world, especially the political game around Taiwan, the moment did not stop, but also toward unfavorable direction in Taiwan. But Taiwan’s mainstream thinking does not seem to care about this development. In the days of annual leave, the Korean peninsula situation is extremely tense, China, the United States, South Korea parties have a series of movements and statements. On the other hand, the United States will warn the world will fall into a new wave of economic risks, Europe and Japan have implemented negative interest rates affect the profitability of the banking industry. In addition to the decline in the dollar, oil prices and other raw material prices continued to fall and other factors, the confidence of investors is fragile, global stock markets fell miserably. These two changes in international politics and economy are not good news for Taiwan. And Taiwan is directly related to the message, is pointed out in the house of Representatives hearing on the U.S. State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary of state Dong Yunshang, Asia Pacific, Cai Yingwen told the United States reiterated that will continue to maintain the status quo, but also understand to continue to pursue a peaceful and stable cross-strait relations obligations; at the same time, Cai Yingwen is going to try, and cooperation, continuous processing on both sides of Ma Ying-Jeou the relationship between the way. The people in Taiwan know that Cai Yingwen has emphasized more than once that he will maintain the status quo, but the mainland continues to reiterate that Cai Yingwen is still waiting for the position to be expressed, as many scholars have declared that the ball is in the hands of the dpp". The key is very clear, Cai Yingwen is still not admit the "92 consensus", or there are other acceptable alternatives. For the mainland, the "92 consensus" or "the two sides belong to one China", is the basis for the past 8 years of cross-strait interaction, once the DPP does not recognize that, regardless of the "common ground" and "92 spirit" and "historical facts", the rhetoric of the game, for the mainland, to change the status quo is one-sided "". Once the premise of "one China" is no longer exist, the relationship between the two sides will not return to 8 years ago, I am afraid it will fall into a long period of uncertainty. In addition to political concerns, the more troubling is the economic dilemma. The article points out that behind the global financial and stock market risks, there is also a larger international economic competition, which is equally brutal. Also before the year

台媒:绿朝新贵将党派立场凌驾一切 政治经济堪忧-搜狐新闻  中国台湾网2月15日讯 台湾地区春节9天连假今日结束,台南维冠大楼倒塌现场也搜救完毕,地震救灾进入善后与究责阶段。台湾《中国时报》发表评论指出,苍天无情,人间有爱,抢救阶段全台目光几乎都锁定南台大地震,每一个在现场的搜救、医护人员与义工都让人感佩。不过,世界并不会因我们发生灾难而停止运转,外面仍在继续变动,并影响你我的命运。马当局藉由稳健的两岸关系所打开的活路外交,在新当局眼中彷?不值一提,绿朝新贵们坚信,承认“宪政体制”是最大让步,“九二共识”是一个可以讨价还价的筹码,将党派立场凌驾国际观思维,恐将很快面临严酷的考验。   文章指出,现在或许是一个恰当的时机,让我们把目光转向台湾四周,关注一下世界局势,特别是台湾周遭的政经博弈,一刻都未停止,而且都朝对台湾不利的方向发展。但台湾的主流思维,似乎并不在意这种发展。   就在年假这几天,朝鲜半岛形势极具紧张,中、美、韩各方都有一系列动作和表态。另一方面,美国联准会警告全球将陷入新一波的经济风险,欧洲、日本相继实施负利率影响银行业获利。加上美元下跌、油价等原物料价格续跌等因素,各国投资人信心脆弱,全球股市都惨跌。这两个涉及国际政治与经济的变局,对台湾都不是好消息。   与台湾直接有关的讯息,则是美国国务院亚太副助理国务卿董云裳日前在国会众院听证会上指出,蔡英文曾向美国重申会持续“维持现状”,也了解持续追求让两岸关系和平稳定的义务;同时,蔡英文打算和大陆方面合作,试着持续马英九处理两岸关系的方式。   台湾民众都清楚,蔡英文曾不只一次强调会“维持现状”,不过大陆方面却继续重申,还在等待蔡英文如何表态,正如许多学者明示“球在民进党手上”。其中关键很清楚,就是蔡英文究竟还承不承认“九二共识”,或有其他可接受的替代方案。对大陆方面而言,“九二共识”或“两岸同属一中”,是过去8年两岸互动交流的基础,一旦民进党当局表明不承认,无论“求同存异”、“九二精神”、“历史事实”之类的修辞游戏,对大陆方面而言,无疑就是片面的“改变现状”。一旦“一中”的前提不复存在,两岸关系就算不会倒回到8年前,恐怕也会陷入一段很长期的不确定阶段。   除了政治方面的忧虑之外,更麻烦的是在经济方面的困境。文章指出,全球金融与股市风险的背后,还有一场更大规模的国际经济赛局,这场赛局同样残酷。赶在年前亦就是本月初,各方贸易部长终于在美国亚特兰大就“跨太平洋伙伴协定”(TPP)达成协议,台湾虽数度表达参与意愿,却卡在美猪议题上,短期内要突破障碍恐不乐观。   与此同时,以大陆为首的东亚经济整合正逐渐发酵。继东南亚之后,中韩与中澳自由贸易协定(FTA)陆续洽签完成,中日FTA谈判亦已端上台面,区域贸易的比较优势已经冲击到台湾。偏偏台湾因为政治纷扰,除了得面对“两岸监督条例”漫长立法进程,后续的服贸、货贸两大协定的审查更是面临高度不确定。加上已经启动的亚投行根本没台湾玩的份,讲得直白一些,目前东亚刻正在紧密进行的几波经济整合赛局,台湾全都被排除在外。尝试想想,一旦全球景气复?,台湾处在不利的游戏规则下,竞争力恐怕还会再一路探底。   文章最后指出,无意危言耸听,台湾并非全无竞争优势,问题在于不能画地自限,错以为自己是世界的中心,别人都得绕着你转。马当局藉由稳健的两岸关系所打开的活路外交,在新当局眼中彷?不值一提,绿朝新贵们坚信,承认“宪政体制”是最大让步,“九二共识”是一个可以讨价还价的筹码,将党派立场凌驾国际观思维,恐将很快面临严酷的考验。(中国台湾网 高旭)相关的主题文章: