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T if you think this film festival is very high, it is wrong to Switzerland’s largest city of Zurich, a population of less than four hundred thousand, is one of Europe’s safest, most affluent and the highest cost of living in the city. Zurich in ancient German means "water town", where people’s lives and water is closely related to the daily fragment is like this. Yes, Zurich lake is also home to a lot of white floating Green Swan, all citizens and tourists to feed them bread every day, so it looks very stout. Every September, this seemingly free world dust where there is an unknown small town cultural activities – Zurich film festival. Zurich Film Festival was founded in 2005, has now done twelfth. This year has attracted 36 countries in 43, and the 17 film directorial debut for the world premiere at the 11 day film festival. Although this is no digital and other large film festival, but I have more time to see more movies. Some of these films were not seen at other film festivals. The first day to the scene of the time, I was shocked by the huge eyes. Is this the mascot?! Ask, just know this glittering eyes (GOLDEN EYE) is a sign of the film festival and the three main competition trophy. The three main competition units are: Best International Film Award, best International Documentary Award and best Reed (Switzerland, Germany, Austria) film awards. Zurich Film Festival has a characteristic, is the only film in the past year’s directorial debut, the second or third feature film can play, so as to dig and encourage new director. So, Olivier · Stone’s film "Snowden" and Feng Xiaogang’s "Pan Jinlian" I not only participate in screenings, and do not enter the unit awards. In order to let the people of Zurich Film Festival to see other countries and non mainstream films, from the beginning of 2007, also set up a "world view" and "the edge of the film" the two screenings. In the screened countries as Iran, India, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Israel, etc.. This year, "gorgeous white-collar workers", "old hat", "ten years", "4" the fall of Hongkong cinema and China Sebastian City 4 films to be selected in the "world" window unit screenings. The festival has also set up a "new world view" unit, special screenings of the 14 works from Mexico. Hongkong, poster edge movie screenings of the theme, as the name suggests, is to explore the social reality of relatively marginalized populations, ethnic conflict and humanitarian organizations. This year to participate in the Zurich Film Festival in the 7 film, there is concern in New York black LGBT underground life "KiKi", and the records of Iran refugees teach less rehabilitation center of life in "Starless Dreams", and the use of police surveillance video is a patchwork of African refugees trying to cross the border of Morocco and the European documentary "Those Who Jumps". KIKI see here, if you feel forced the festival is very high, then the material to be completely mistaken. Here, every night.相关的主题文章: