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Entrepreneurialism STEP 8: People In a small to medium scale business, the importance of a single team member can be enormous. Every person I place under my organization (be it associates, staffs or suppliers) must be a star. This may sound impossible, but it is possible. Firstly, I would define what a star is within each role in my organization. Then I would seek them out. Throughout the years, I have been employing three simple approaches to be sure superstars are attracted to work for my organization – they have been proven to work successfully: 1. Understand the power of people 2. Take proactive role in recruiting great people 3. Retain great people through constant motivation Great people can make mediocre idea and turn it into success. Thus do not underestimate the power of great people. I have read many autobiographies of successful business magnates and all do point out that their businesses shine partly because they have great people serving them. Hence, I usually brainstorm to list down what kind of great people I want in my organization. I would cover all the people that I will be dealing with including my associates, suppliers, association members, staffs, sales representatives, etc. When it .es to attracting great people, I always keep the recruitment role to myself. If I want a superstar, I must be proactive in recruitment. Find out as many ways as possible that I can to attract and recruit great people – for example personal observation, advertisements, word of mouth, recruiting agency and so on. Once I have the names, either through personal observation or advertisement, the key step is to call them for an interview or a meeting. People like to be invited or head-hunted to join an organization because people are flattered when they know they are wanted. Once I have recruited great people and they have proven to deliver results, I would retain them at all cost. Of course I have to be cautious not to over .mit! It is true that, many people work for money but money is not the sole denominator for loyalty. Here are some effective ideas I constantly put into practice to keep people motivated to stay loyal with my organization in the long term: * Sharing the business vision and mission, and if possible, I would ac.modate theirs into my business plan * Creating a positive and supportive working environment * Giving them a personalized touch so each member feel wanted and respected * Customizing perks and incentives so that they could get what they desire * Recognizing the whole team for their performance, yet avoid bias recognition * Organizing regular social events to linger with my members to enhance the organization’s sense of belonging * Listening to members’ problems and morally support them to solve their own problems * Motivating for positive results and avoid fear management *Note: This content contains no unproven teory or thesis! If you need any small business startup help, feel free to visit my Website 🙂 Disclaimer – This article may be freely reprinted in its entirety in any e-zine, newsletter, blog or website. The author’s name, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction. Dave J, is an E-preneur, NLP-Certified Business Coach and Author. Within a decade, Dave J has served as an advisor to countless small-level to high-level business leaders around the world. Despite such a short span, Dave J has a highly-respected authority on the psychology of business leadership, business startup, management and marketing. His forte is coaching ordinary people to attain professional and financial breakthrough. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: