Stage Hypnosis Friend Or Foe-candy boy

Self-Improvement As a Hypnotherapist people ask me time and time again about my views on Stage Hypnosis. Not so long ago I actually received a letter which was regarding my support for Stage Hypnosis. The letter expressed the great disappointment of its author that I supported Stage Hypnosis. It mentioned that Stage Hypnosis was unethical’ and damaging’ to the profession of Hypnotherapy as a whole. The amusing thing was that the guy that wrote me this letter was actually a practicing Hypnotherapist here in the UK, who in actual fact only decided to be.e a Hypnotherapist after seeing a Stage Hypnosis show on television back in the 90’s. This is the exact reason that I and many other Hypnotherapists support the art of Stage Hypnosis. The reason being is that it interests people and makes them aware of the benefit of Hypnosis and the power of the human mind. Just like it motivated and interested this guy to be.e a Hypnotherapist. This guy mentioned very humbly’ that he has helped hundreds of people over his career. Just imagine if there were no Stage Hypnosis, he probably wouldn’t have been able to start his journey to be.e a therapist and would never have been able to help them. I really don’t understand why Hypnotherapy .anisations around the world, other than a handful, haven’t really grasped that Stage Hypnosis is a vehicle to allow the benefits of hypnosis to be widely understood, however some of these very same .anisations promote therapies that hold little or not scientific explanations whatsoever. One such .anisation here in the UK springs to mind that actually has a register for Past Life Regression’, and yes these guys are trying to be mainstream’, but unfortunately they choose to reject the necessity of Stage Hypnosis in our profession today. This I consider to be extremely confusing, after all, all Stage Hypnosis actually is, is an entertaining way to put across the power and the benefit of Hypnosis. There is no mumbo jumbo and no new age spirituality needed, but just plan old science! I really support Stage Hypnosis and really hope that we start to see more of it here in the UK and all around the globe. Obviously it needs to be done ethically, but this is the same with everything. Showing the power of the mind to individuals and to audiences through an entertaining medium is ideal to reach a certain portion of our society and to help them to understand the benefits of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: